A Red UFO Can Clearly Be Seen In Moon Crater (Video)

Wow! An amateur astronomer has just filmed a fantastic UFO anomaly in the Copernicus crater on the Moon!

If this isn’t the sign of Extraterrestrial life on the Moon then I seriously don’t know what is.

This is probably one of the best Lunar surface anomalies filmed in real time by an amateur astronomer bar none. The red blinking light or UFO, as I’m calling it, was filmed through a telescope and it looks incredible.

This is probably going to get people talking about it because as soon as I was aware of this, I knew I had to write about it and find out more. I mean look at it, that’s almost certainly not natural or a lens flare lol. It’s not every day that an amateur astronomer captures a UFO on film that’s for sure, so this is definitely something special. It’s a great reminder that absolutely yes 100 percent there are still mysteries to be solved in the universe, and that we should never stop looking for UFOs and answers.

They’re here, if this is anything to go by it tells me that we’re not alone.

This is an exciting discovery (if you ask me) and I’m sure that more details will be revealed soon. I’ll update this post as and when that information is available. It’s amazing to think that an amateur astronomer was able to capture this UFO anomaly on film probably just using a smartphone attached to the eyepiece on the telescope?

That puts capturing a UFO sighting like this myself well within reach and totally doable.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

The fantastic UFO anomaly was definitely Inside of the Copernicus crater on the Moon. This remarkable discovery was captured through an everyday telescope that anyone’s able to buy, if these are the kind of results that people are able to get then I’m seriously considering buying a telescope and believe me, I’d find time to film some “Moon shenanigans.”

It’s impossible to just set up a telescope and aim it at the Moon and leave it because of the Earth’s rotation. Unless you buy a telescope that’s thousands of dollars (pounds) then your gonna have to stick with it.

This UFO sighting on the Lunar surface but in the crater seems to be blinking, maybe it’s a code? Is it blinking just like Morse code hoping that it’s intercepted and interpreted?

If you know Morse code can you tell us in the comments if it is?

Logically speaking though, it’s quite obvious it can’t be aware of Morse code! Unless it’s intercepted our signals going way back in history? Look, we know that UFOs have been seen and recorded either written or painted by people throughout our history. So who knows what the inhabitants of the UFO actually know already about the human beings? anomalies filmed in real time by an amateur astronomer this side of The Milky Way?

UAP disclosure has already happened, UFOs are real.

The red blinking light, or UFO as I’m referring to it as, appears to be hovering over the crater? There was a lot of comments left on this post on Instagram and I urge you to check out the great UFO sighting’s posted on Ovnisvsufos2. Speculation and debate is alway’s gonna be rife with these types of UFOs and especially to the origin of the UFO anomaly.

Some believe it could be a sign of extraterrestrial life, while others think it could be a natural phenomenon. Personally I think it’s a UFO presence that’s been on the Moon for hundreds and hundreds of year’s as sighting’s of light’s on the Moon goes way back in history.

Regardless of its origin, this is an incredible discovery and a testament to the dedication and skill of amateur astronomers. We hope that further research will help us to better understand this mysterious anomaly and other similar UFO sighting’s on the Moon and its implications.

In the meantime, we can all take a moment to appreciate this epic and remarkable find and the hard work of the amateur astronomer who captured it (well done buddy).

Here’s the extraordinary and simply epic video showing a red light UFO on the Moon:

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