Against All Odds: Starving Stray Dog’s Incredible Journey from Weakness to Strength

In Granada, Spain, a rescue center received an emaciated stray dog they named Barilla. Her condition was so severe that she was on the brink of organ failure. Starvation and dehydration had left her unable to walk or even stand.

Upon arrival, Barilla weighed a mere 7.2kg and her health was rapidly declining. The rescuers feared the worst, doubting she would survive the night. Unable to stand, Barilla required assistance for even the simplest tasks. The first step was to rehydrate her, a process that took six long hours before they could introduce more substantial nutrition.

Barilla’s physical state revealed a history of hardship. Scratches covered her legs, evidence of her struggle to move by dragging herself along the ground. After six hours of hydration, she managed to stand briefly to drink water, but her strength quickly faded.

Within a week, Barilla showed signs of improvement, gaining 4kgs. However, she still struggled with mobility, frequently falling over after short periods of standing or walking. Over the next six weeks, her condition improved dramatically. She began to run and jump like any healthy dog, although eating remained a challenge.

As Barilla’s health improved, Eduardo Rodriguez, the 37-year-old owner of the shelter, felt a strong bond with her. He decided to adopt Barilla, providing her with a loving home on the outskirts of Granada, where he lived with his wife, daughter, and five other dogs. This adoption held special significance for Eduardo, as it was his first since losing a cherished pet in an accident five years prior.

Eduardo was deeply moved by Barilla’s will to survive. “Her drive to survive was incredible, and I felt a connection to her the first time I saw her,” he said. After the adoption, Barilla, now affectionately known as Spaghetti, thrived in her new home. She began eating up to six meals a day and gained weight rapidly. By the time she reached a healthy 20.8 kgs., her recovery was almost complete.

Before her rescue, locals had reported Barilla’s dire condition to the police, leading to her being taken to the rescue center. At just ten months old, this young pup had experienced more hardship than any creature should. Investigations are ongoing to find those responsible for her plight.

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