Another Mars Anomaly – The Ancient Statue Recently Found on the Red Planet

The title isn’t clickbait, this strange new finding was created by NASA’s own Fascination Rover, and as you can see, it’s no joking matter, as it could really mean that there’s an intelligent existence on Mars after all.

Of course, NASA would never understand this since they are obviously against the very notion of telling people the facts, but we know that everyone who enabled this image to be published on their own website understood what it was and nevertheless posted it, attempting to get a message to us that existence does indeed occur on Mars after all.

The photo was taken as the Curiosity Rover climbs on the side of this surrounding mountain, and from a point, you can see the curious ancient statue above it. Experts called this statue “The Watcher” because it looks at all the animals immediately below it.

The fact that it is very human-like seems to be a recurrent trend on Mars, even as more and more of these odd experiences appear from nowhere on Martian land.

This monument, in fact, is more likely to provide consolation to the beings who once populated these territories. Being that high will most definitely mean that this place was under its defense, essentially looming over the residents here to make sure they knew that they can rely on it at all times.

This is why, after all, it was called “The Watcher.”

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