Chris Brown Drives Through Crowd To Show Love To Fans That Waited Hours For His Show

Chris Brown fans packed the house for his “11:11” tour opener in Detroit this week … validating the R&B star’s longtime claims that it’s only the music industry that’s against him.

Breezy took a moment to address the sold-out crowd inside the Little Caesar’s Arena on Wednesday night — with him musing … “For a n**** they say is blackballed, this don’t look blackballed to me!!!”


The show didn’t spare any theatrics either — a Michael Jackson voiceover opened the main event right before CB soared over the crowd on wires. It was certainly high production value.

His supporters were more than pleased with the extensive setlist divided into 4 parts that mixed the classics with the new jams. BTW, not only were the people in the building impressed — but folks online also praised CB for being an outstanding showman/performer.

He even also brought back a rotating platform, which was pretty popular on a previous tour. Again … the dude definitely entertained those who were in attendance, and it looks like anyone else who’ll hit his tour as it rolls along will be in for the same experience.

Chris’ cancelation has been an ongoing conversation since his 2009 assault on Rihanna … most recently haunting him during this year’s NBA All-Star Weekend with a rift with Ruffles.


When it comes to music fans though … it seems he’s the people’s champ.

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