Contact Encounter? Could Non-Human Intelligence be Behind Long UFO Sightings? (Video)

now there have been countless UFO sightings over the years but many experts consider this next piece of footage the gold standard take a look for yourself it’s just after dark on August 25th 2013 in Aguadilla Puerto Rico the crew of a United States Customs and Border Patrol plane is taking off for a routine Mission when they notice a strange pinkish light approaching from the Northwest they turn on their thermal imaging camera to track the object and this is what they see let’s take a closer look it appears to be a metallic sphere

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moving fairly quickly around the airport then it heads out over the ocean where it does something truly unexpected did you catch what happened let’s zoom in the object seems to splash down in the water before re-emerging seconds later even more bizarre the object then splits into two separate craft and people there is no known Earth Technology that can do that after nearly four minutes the object disappears from View now Puerto Rico is the location for several sightings of so-called Usos unidentified submerged objects

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back in the 1990s a Navy helicopter pilot allegedly saw an unidentified dark underwater Mass during a training exercise another published report describes a similar incident in 1963 during an anti-submarine exercise led by the USS Wasp they keep talking about these incidents occurring around their aircraft carriers naval ships Puerto Rico long history of interesting sightings very long history what makes this video so special is that it comes straight from a million dollar infrared camera mounted on a government

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plane there’s a ton of data to analyze here so what do our experts think it’s a credible case it’s a credible video Richard Hoffman heads the scientific Coalition for unidentified aerial phenomenon first question is the video real the Telemetry you see on the screen showing GPS location identically matched what you had with radar so there really was an aircraft next Hoffman’s team determines the object’s temperature to help identify it they compare the heat signature of the craft to some cows on the ground in this

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Frame at the top of your screen we broke the video into 256 Shades from white to black all different Shades of Gray and we were able to match that up with the temperature of the cows to match the temperature of the object the object was roughly at about 104 degrees right away that eliminates a jet engine which emits exhaust 15 times hotter the thermal signature doesn’t match anything that we know no and there’s no sign of any kind of like propulsion system on us then they figure out the object’s size using this Frame when the

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object goes behind a light post two pixels wide okay well the object went behind it was blanked out so doubt maybe it’s two pixels that’s why we come up with it it’s about three to five feet in diameter based on that analysis Hoffman says the most likely Earthly explanations are eliminated we ruled out that it wasn’t a balloon it was about 18 mile an hour winds from the Northeast and this object was going in opposite directions from that so it’s clearly not a balloon what about a drone our Aviation expert

Tim McMillan is skeptical how are you achieving flight without an airflow without an angle attack without wings to simplify that you know how are you doing that and finally a bird we took a look at thermal signatures of birds and various other objects and it doesn’t match anything like this and there you go it’s it’s unidentified it’s not from any place here [Music] so is it proof or not well you might think it’s a bird a balloon or a man-made aircraft but it is hard to explain how this goes in and out of the

water and splits so folks we’re going to call this a UFO you almost never see an object like this going into and out of the water that’s amazing it’s Independence Day in Alamance North Carolina and a local man is enjoying a barbecue with his family fireworks are going off intermittently so he’s been looking at the sky all evening when he suddenly sees something even more spectacular [Music] it’s moving slow it’s a classic orb-shaped UFO the kind we’ve seen in several videos some real some fake and

what makes this footage extra special is that it goes on for more than eight minutes God I wish I had some binoculars now look at what happens here at the six and a half minute Mark oh wow look at that something’s coming off of it two things are coming off of it where is it at one went up and one’s coming down holy crap look at this the orb seems to bifurcate and seconds later it splits again oh now something’s coming out of the other one holy third one’s coming out there’s three different oh my God

that’s crazy like other orbs seen around the world this one had no wings or obvious means of propulsion it’s hard to judge its speed but others have been clogged by commercial pilots at over 500 miles per hour and it’s pulsating too man that is nuts journalist Alexis Brooks who writes and speaks about UFOs says the duration of this sighting is important some individuals that have long contact encounters that is exceeding five minutes or more may actually be having a literal contact encounter without them

being consciously aware of it could it be that non-human intelligence or the occupants of The Craft were actually making contact with the witness and vice versa here we got some action going on here boys the witness said he later tried to find some Earthly explanation for the incident even checking with a nearby military base but to this day he says he’s got no answers our experts may be able to change that our video analyst Mark d’antonio Begins by looking at the surrounding factors involved in this event I stepped through

it frame by frame to try to isolate the components and equate them with something that we might already know it’s actually pretty high altitude for starters d’antonio’s positive it couldn’t be a bird birds don’t have that kind of reflectivity to them even geese at high altitude you can still detect that they’re Birds he’s just as sure it’s not a plane or a drone planes and drones they have to follow Federal Aviation Administration rules for lighting and this object had none of

that nor could it be a natural phenomenon like a meteor it just hangs in the sky too long meteors are momentary objects they go through the sky and then they’re gone so what was it the secret could be in that strange splitting here you can see in this image you can see how it’s a teardrop shape and these objects are falling away and the object that’s way up there has changed brightness tremendously now my thinking takes me down the path of weather balloon it certainly wouldn’t be the first time

a weather balloon was mistaken for a UFO in fact the government initially claimed it was a weather balloon that caused the Roswell incident but that still doesn’t explain how this thing could split apart and move off in different directions I would guess that this is a weather balloon uh where whatever was attached to it broke off and when something like this happens the resistance of the air will tend to streamline it and make it more into a teardrop shape and that shape is what I think we’re seeing here

that theory sounds plausible but then to our surprise atmospheric scientist Deanna Hintz shoots it out of the sky I do think it’s really unlikely that this is any kind of you know weather instrument they come down on a little parachute and they wouldn’t emit light this brightly like this but it doesn’t seem to be meteorologically related you see it dude you see UFO so America is it proof or not it doesn’t appear to be a bird or a plane could it be a weather balloon maybe but a local weather service later told the witness

there were none in the area until we get more solid information we’re going to call this a genuine UFO it’s January 9th 2017 and we’re in the heel of the Italian boot at 7 38 p.m Lucio margiotta a teacher at the Music Academy of solento Records something strange in the sky a glowing orb appears to Bob in the sky and it slowly expands into an elongated cigar-like shape is and continues to expand until it forms a circular donut the light phases or shifts from a greenish Hue to White then the light reverts back to its original shape and

color before fading away foreign look to the skies there are certain things that we expect to see there a really bright star a drone a satellite a meteor what we’re seeing in this video doesn’t look like any of those things Lucio’s video is just the latest in a millennia of strange sites over Italy Roman myth is Rife with the gods behaving in strange ways that would often resemble odd lights in the sky the Roman historian Libby wrote a phantom ship seen gleaming in the sky classical paintings depict what appear

to be flying saucers and it didn’t stop in the Renaissance in October 1954 UFOs actually stopped a football game in Italy 10 000 people witnessed some strange ships up in the sky then in December of 1978 the New York Times reported a rash of donut-shaped objects spotted in the Skies over Italy so we have a wide variety of Italian Oven and there are other accounts like this one from Oregon of light undergoing shape and color shifts like the one Lucio reported so what exactly is happening in the Italian Skies

we’ve seen mystery rings in the sky before but those turned out to be emissions from nearby Smoke Stacks they didn’t emit any light so let’s turn to our expert in all things weather related Deanna Hintz the weather was pretty calm with only scattered clouds so there wasn’t anything really happening during this particular time to suggest any kind of electrical activity from say a thunderstorm or something like that hinz considers if it could be related to rings that form around the sun called

Halos and Sun dogs there are similar ones around the moon light passing from either the Sun or the Moon is bent and refracted by ice crystals that are very high up in the atmosphere and you will see a sometimes brilliant halo around that light source some look almost like UFOs with one big difference but you would still see the source of the light either be the Sun or the moon in the center of that Halo whereas here in this video that Center light source is blocked astronomer and video effects designer Mark d’antonio notes that Lucio is

zoomed into his camera’s maximum magnification which can exaggerate any distortions in the image it was shot with a cell phone camera and they’re just not that good at taking nighttime photographs the camera itself may have some junk on the lens see as it goes in and out of focus okay it’s almost like there’s a moisture on the lens and he’s just getting some video artifacts I mean if there’s any kind of moisture on the lens you can actually create some really kaleidoscopic objects from your camera

but while d’antonio says that Lynn’s issue might create the circle image and the phasing he still can’t pinpoint the original source of that light in the sky he rules out a laser or Spotlight because they would have to reflect off the clouds and it was a clear night beyond that he stumped I’m not saying that it’s not an actual unidentified flying object so it’s a mystery we don’t know what it is exactly there’s currently no official explanation for this video from the Italian government if the light came

from a drone a plane or a helicopter you would think they would have said so so our verdict a genuine opening and in the absence of any further Evidence this object remains unidentified November 2020 on the coast of Cornwall in Southwest England a live webcam viewer is recording a gorgeous sunset but the footage captures something more than a postcard worthy Seascape a glowing orb races onto screen hovers then Rockets straight up and out of frame watch again rapid deceleration and then vertical flight it appears to rock at almost 3 000 feet

straight up in less than a second that indicates some sort of space-time distortion Anthropologist Michael Masters has a theory about who might be in such a craft it’s important to consider our own Evolution and our technological and biological evolution to the sense that maybe they’re us maybe they’re coming from the future to examine their own hominin evolutionary past ORS believes that if future humans can manipulate time to travel into the past they might also be able to build spacecraft capable of these remarkable

Maneuvers this would also make sense in the context of what we see in this video as this craft flies in at tremendous speed and stops instantaneously and then accelerates a tremendous speed G-Force is a measure of acceleration with 1G the force Earth exerts on us and at first glance it looks like G-Force generated by this object’s acceleration would be off the charts I’ve never seen any device that can stop on a dime and take off at maximum velocity so I would suspect that if this is for Real it’s either an experimental

craft by the military or let’s face it possibly an extraterrestrial civilization the forces suggested by this video pose a technical problem for the time travel Theory today’s astronauts endure about three G’s on liftoff at around six G’s the average person can black out past 100 G’s the forces can shatter bones and squash our organs so if this is a craft transporting humans from the future how would they survive is another explanation more plausible let’s turn the video over to our experts

forensic video analyst Michael Primo checks to make sure this video isn’t a fake I don’t detect any evidence to support that this has been fabricated or that this object has been inserted into the video recording I’ve examined dozens of UFOs and uaps over the years and I have seen some objects that travel at a high rate of speed this is exhibiting similar characteristics so the video is legit and the object’s rapid movement is consistent with other UFO sightings but that doesn’t rule out

every existing human technology the leading theory would be a drone but Tim McMillan says a secret military drone wouldn’t be out in public and regulations for commercial drones make that explanation unlikely first of all for commercial drones they are capped off at 300 feet for regulation purposes so it’s hard to get an accurate gauge on altitude and everything but we can see it move through the cloud cover out of frame so it definitely appears to be exceeding that 300 foot maximum that you would expect with a commercial drone

this one’s unique I don’t know that I have a a very good explanation for it frankly astronomer and video effects designer Mark d’antonio wonders if the object might be something else entirely a reflection if this is a webcam are we seeing this through a window does that mean there is something being put on the window like a laser pointer that is moving across the window causing this to look this way but look at the rest of the frame there are no other Reflections suggesting there’s a glass window

between the camera and the image it’s recording I can’t tell from this so you can’t come to any reasonable conclusions this one seems to have stumped just about everyone so that leaves Masters time travel Theory what does d’antonio make of it we’ve already figured out that we might be able to go faster than the speed of light by using a warpage of space-time and NASA has got a funded lab looking at this because they think it’s a possibility down the line at recent Research indicates that a

wormhole another warbitch in space-time could be used to travel through time you know sometimes science fiction does become science fact and it’s a possibility so our verdict well it’s not a hoax and it’s not a plane or a drone and it’s not a laser pointer until we can identify it conclusively we’ll consider this a genuine UFO but look we really want to get to the bottom of this if you have any more information about this clip please reach out and let us know March 2021 the good people of Wichita Kansas

are going about their business property manager Mike marlar is one of them I was on my lunch break and I was going back to work and I was getting off on my exit Mike glances to his right and spots this what the is this I noticed in the sky there is something silver it was long it was shiny it was moving very very fast so it was very challenging to get a really good angle we slow it down and zoom in but even then it seems to race out of frame and then in a matter of seconds it just disappeared we might post the video to social media

he learns that dozens of others saw the same object UFOs in Kansas are nothing new in 1972 one of the world’s most famous UFO encounters occurred in Delphos Kansas witnessed by 16 year old Ronnie Johnson on his family farm all of a sudden a large object descendant began hovering over his backyard and then disappeared but it left burn marks on the ground Ronnie’s mother took a picture of this strange Circle we call it a physical Trace case we also know that there was a slight increase in in radiation around the the

area where the UFO was compared to soil further away from the site did the people of Wichita witness something similar there were a lot of eyes on this one so unless we’re dealing with a massive hoax the video is real and given the sunflower States history with UFOs it’s worth asking our experts if this is proof of an extraterrestrial encounter or a case of mistaken identity our Aviation analyst Tim McMillan first tries to determine where Mike was when he spotted the object as they were filming they passed several street signs

and so that allows you to narrow down exactly where they are in what direction they’re facing MacMillan uses the location and timestamp on the video to compare it to the flight data from that day he zeros in on one craft that is occasionally mistaken for a UFO over Wichita the NASA super guppy is a very odd-shaped wide body cargo aircraft that can even be used to transport the spaceship there was one in Wichita that day the super guppy can carry up to 26 tons of payload it looks like a cross between a cargo plane and a zeppelin NASA itself

says it’s often mistaken for a UFO especially when its reflective metal catches the sun and it frequently flies in and out of Fort McConnell right near Wichita but when you look at the flight radar data from that particular day the super grumpy was actually several hundred miles away to the Southwest so we can say with absolute certainty this was not the Super guppy that was being filmed here with all the military bases in the area McMillan thinks it might have been some sort of test could this be some type of drone testing here where

we’re testing autonomous drone in-flight refueling but MacMillan can’t be sure and Mark d’antonio thinks it looks too square and thin to be a normal plane it almost looks like it’s kind of waving a little bit in the wind so the next question is could it be one of those advertising banners that’s towed Behind These light planes and the answer is that theory actually matches this the best but McMillan disagrees and points to his research on flight data that day as proof there isn’t anything in that

vicinity that’s showing up on that flight data whatever aircraft it is it’s not operating a transponder so it’s it’s not going to be a civilian aircraft it’s not going to be a commercial aircraft so what do we think the guppy a banner a top secret craft or none of the above without more evidence we’re going to call this a genuine UFO but please reach out to us if you have any more information


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