Giant planet discovered on earth taken by amateur photographer

Hungarian amateur photographer Ivan Eder captured the picture of what seems to be a planet while photographing the Moon in Budapest.

In the picture, a strange planet appears against the background of the Moon, which means that is extremely close to our planet. Eder thoroughly studied the image but could not find any logical explanation to it.

When Eder made public the image on the World Wide Web, conspirators immediately associated that planet with legendary Nibiru.

Others affirm that there was some kind of gap in space and that the planet from the image is only a deformed version of the Moon.

Some say that it could even be a cloud… but we can see that it has a perfect shape. According to Eder, he didn’t notice anything unusual during the shooting, and he doesn’t know if what he captured is a defection of the camera or a real thing.

Nevertheless, everything has an explanation, even the most incredible cases, and circumstances. However, in this case, nobody really knows what to say. Some people even associate this with the general idea that we live in a Matrix, or that the world as we know it is not the real one, and many more theories like that.

As we always say, the mystery is up to you.


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