‘Her nose is hanging on by a thread!’ Kris Jenner fans gasp at shocking zoomed-in pic of star in Paris hotel room

‘Her nose is hanging on by a thread!’ Kris Jenner fans gasp at shocking zoomed-in pic of star in Paris hotel room

FANS have gasped at Kris Jenner in a zoomed-in snapshot of the Kardashian matriarch.

Kris, 68, showed off her legs as she posed inside a luxurious hotel room in Paris.

Kris Jenner posed in the middle of a staircase at a Paris hotelCredit: Instagram/ Kris Jenner

Kris wore a matching ensemble along with black sunglassesCredit: Instagram/ Kris Jenner

Kris wrote, ‘Paris nights are the best night’Credit: Instagram/ Kris Jenner

In the photo collection, The Kardashians star modeled a black buttoned jacket with matching gloves.

She strutted across the fancy carpet in knee-high black boots.

In the final snap, Kris carried a black handbag as she stood at the staircase.

The Hulu star bit the temple tips of her black sunglasses.

“Paris nights are the best night,” Kris captioned the post.


In an online thread, critics claimed they zoomed in on the last image and spotted the star’s scary nose.

“That nose is hanging on by a thread!” a critic ranted.

“‘Oops! My nose fell in the soup,” another critic trolled.

“Ma’am, it’s time to hang it up. We KNOW your nose doesn’t look like that!” a third critic mentioned.

“As usual, zoom in for the Photoshop madness,” a fourth person chimed.

“Kris, please stop with the facetune. We all know you don’t look like that. The surprise mini jumpscare at the end was a nice touch though,” a commentator chimed.


The last time the former E! star visited the City of Lights, she celebrated Paris Fashion Week near the end of January.

Kris arrived with her daughters, Kim Kardashian, 43, and Kylie, 26, at the Maison Margiela show.

While Kylie stood out with her short-sleeved sequined silver gown and Kim stunned in a black velvet gown, their momager dressed to the nines in a loose-fitted button-up jacket with a white shirt underneath.

She shielded her eyes with a pair of thin black sunglasses.

Although the Kardashian family members shared photos and videos from the event on social media, their posts seemed different from the unedited ones.

Fans speculated the Kardashian matriarch had a nose job.


In mid-February, Dr. Fadi Hamaani, plastic surgeon and aesthetic doctor at Fadi Hamaani Clinic, and Saleena Zimri, Founder of Skin Doctor Clinics, spoke to The U.S. Sun about the rumored cosmetic work Kris had done.

“It’s likely Kris has these treatments on a regular basis to improve overall skin texture and firmness,” said Dr. Fadi.

“It’s very likely Kris has also had a rhinoplasty, as her nose looks noticeably different to pictures from many years ago.

“Kris has admitted to previous facelift surgery, and going off her recent social media posts, it’s possible she may have had another one,” noted Saleena, the expert at Teoxane.

“But also she’s someone who I imagine has a consistent amount of maintenance work done with natural-looking filler work, as well as lasers/energy-based devices.”

Kris attended Paris Fashion Week with Kylie Jenner and Kim KardashianCredit: Splash

Fans speculated that Kris has had work done on her noseCredit: Getty

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