“Humans are NOT from Earth” – Researcher comes with evidence (Video)

Dr. Ellis Silver wrote a contentious book in which he argues that humans are not descended from Earth’s first inhabitants, but rather originated as a species on another planet and arrived on Earth 80,000 to 200,000 years ago.

“Humans are not from Earth, a scientific review of the facts,” is the title of Dr. Ellis’ novel. People from the Alpha Centauri solar system, according to Dr. Ellis, came or were taken to Earth in spacecraft.

Dr. Ellis looked at the distinctions between humans and other species on the planet and how they relate to it. He believes that humans are permanently ill because their biochemical rhythms were created on a planet with different environments than Earth.

People tend to have a 25-hour circadian cycle rather than a 24-hour one. The sun is not as well supported by humans as it is by other animals on the planet. Another point raised by Dr. Silver in his book is that people tend to instinctively reject natural vegan food.

We made a documentary video on this topic a few months ago, and our hypothesis is that humans were banished on Earth, so I invite you to see it below.

Furthermore, it seems that the amino acids that contributed to the emergence of life on Earth originated from space, transported by meteorites or comets, implying that life is widespread in the universe.


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