Inside the Hunt for UFOs: How One Video Changed the Conversation(Video)

Many people are curious about the Bermuda Triangle’s location, which technically is the area bounded by Miami, Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. However, strange activity seems to emanate from this triangular zone for hundreds of miles in every direction. For example, a recent account of glowing orbs lighting up the sky on the Miami corner of the triangle has been circulating online. This event was captured in a video by a man on the balcony of a downtown high-rise in June 2020.

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Although at first glance, the lights in the video may resemble a triangular craft with five lights, a closer look reveals six lines, one of which is much brighter. The lights appear to fan out, giving the impression of six different craft. The witness continues to describe how the craft zoomed off into space at warp speed, leaving the viewer amazed. Author and journalist Alexis Brooks, who has written and spoken extensively about UFOs, suggests that this event could be a UFO sighting.

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In recent years, many people have reported sightings of strange phenomena, with one sighting being reported every eight seconds globally. The lights in the video remind some of another weird phenomenon that has been seen over Norway for decades, called the Hessdalen lights. The Miami footage is different, as it shows the lights flying in formation, which quickly goes viral.

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Two video experts have examined the footage and offered their opinions. Forensic video analyst Michael Primo suggests that the video is a hoax because there is no reaction time, and the operator seems to know what will happen next. Another analyst, Mark D’Antonio, points out that the UFOs’ movement is not consistent with the background, indicating that it is a hoax.

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Ultimately, the verdict is that the video is a hoax, and people should be cautious when viewing similar footage. Although the Bermuda Triangle is known for strange phenomena, it is crucial to approach any claims of UFO sightings with skepticism and critical thinking.


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