Massive UFO Crashes in Kazakhstan, Hυndreds Gather to Witness the Impact (Video)

Many believers in the extraterrestrial theme have heard of the famous “Roswell UFO Incident”, widely reported on the web, radio and television. Some have even heard or read about the famous UFO crashes in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania and Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada. However, most UFO researchers are unaware of how many unidentified flying objects have crashed around the world throughout history.Unfortunately, some of the cases were not properly investigated due to a lack of evidence, while others have little or no evidence to support claims of a crashed alien spacecraft.

It is interesting to know that those incidents that have been documented have ended up being covered up by governments or some other secret agency. In the Esoteric and Paranormal World we have already talked about some of these inexplicable events, such as the Roswell incident, the UFO crash in Russia and the subsequent autopsy on an alien in 1969, the strange circular object crashed in Antarctica, or how the Canadian army prohibited Access to Lake Winnipeg after a UFO crash.

But to this list we now have to add a new incident seen by hundreds of witnesses: a huge UFO has crashed and caused a fire in a wasteland in western Kazakhstan.

“Area 51” in Kazakhstan

A huge UFO with pulsating lights crashed and exploded just 128 kilometers from the Cosmos Arena football stadium, also called Samara Arena, located in the city of Samara in Russia, and where the match between Sweden-England of the World Cup was held. Russia 2018, with victory for the English by two goals to nil.

According to the British tabloid Daily Mirror, the mysterious accident occurred at midnight, when two glowing balls appeared, lighting up the sky. The UFO crashed near the town of Bostandyk, causing a strong explosion that shook nearby houses and setting fire to a nearby mountain, leaving behind destroyed trees and pastures for a kilometer around.

Apparently it had some kind of sealed hatch with protruding valves. Some tried to open the cover without success. Apart from this object, there was another similar and smaller fence.

“The UFO material does not appear to be made of metal,” said one of the witnesses. “It’s soft like cloth.”

Police sources said that the foreign object that fell from the sky was like a ball that had been sealed and closed. The edges of the UFO had possibly melted upon reentry into Earth’s atmosphere. It’s also important to note that residents of Karasu, another town near the crash site, said the object appeared to spin uncontrollably in the sky with pulsating bright lights before crashing.

“This glowing sphere seemed to rotate and go around our village,” Assel Mukhambetkaliyeva, a woman living in Karasu village, explained to local media. “Then it fell somewhere behind the town and exploded. There was a loud crash. The house shook. A large flame and smoke appeared over the crash site. We ran out of the house scared. It’s good that no one was hurt.”

According to the descriptions provided by the witnesses, the UFO was ball-shaped and approximately 3 meters in diameter. They also found a second, smaller, spherical object nearby. It took firefighters four hours to put out the flames in the bush. The inhabitants of the nearby towns were the first to arrive at the place and inspect the alien object.

UFO in Kazakhstan – Hundreds of people watch a huge UFO crash in Kazakhstan

So far there has been no official explanation from the Kazakh authorities or any space agency. So all kinds of theories about the mysterious accident began to circulate quickly. One theory is that it was an aerospace device like the remains of a rocket or a satellite, as happened in Spain in 2015.

However, both conspiracy theorists and ufologists agree that it is clearly a ship of extraterrestrial origin that has crashed. They highlight the fact that space debris does not have blinking lights and especially the cut of communications in the area of the incident, which coincides with the protocol of the authorities in the event of the fall of a non-terrestrial object, with the sole purpose of to cover up the event. Fortunately, this time we have images that show what has happened in Kazakhstan. Now everyone must draw their own conclusions.

Is the strange crashed object in Kazakhstan a UFO of extraterrestrial origin? Or is it the remains of a rocket or a satellite, as skeptics suggest?

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