Meet Wiley: The Dalmatian with a Heart-Shaped Nose Stealing Hearts Worldwide

There are many miracles gifted to us by nature. This Dalmatian is one of them.
You are so adorable Love that heart shape on your nose

Many of us met Wiley the Dalmatian back in 2018. He became an internet sensation with his adorable heart-shaped nose. Wiley’s mom, upon meeting him, didn’t fall in love with the puppy for his unique appearance; he was chosen because of his endearing personality.

Wiley’s mom Lexi Smith share: Wiley definitely holds true to the Dalmatian reputation of being stubborn with a strong personality, but he is so sweet and such a lover. I wanted a snuggle bug, and that’s exactly what I got! He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

When Wiley’s photos circulated, people curiously commented whether the pup’s adorable heart-shaped nose would stay that way. Dalmatians’ spots can change drastically as they grow. Well, we wondered that, too, and did our research! Grownup Wiley is still loaded with cuteness!

It is not difficult to see why it attracts the attention of many people. He’s really too cute.
His nose with a heart-shaped spot captivates people around the world.

And an absolutely adorable heart nose it is! Wiley is just precious!   who couldn’t love this little sweetheart!

Check out the video below to see Wiley’s puppy photos and what he looks like now:

This dog is darling! Someone is very lucky to be able to see that nose every day and know that that dog loves you and you love that dog.


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