Mother Lynx Rejects Newborn, Adopted by Cat as Her Own: A Remarkable Cross-Species Bond

When a young Lynx was rejected by her mother, one employee decided to bring her female cat who had just given birth into work to act as a surrogate mother. They were all hoping that the cat would adopt the little baby lynx as her own. Fortunately it wasn’t long after they met that the domesticated cat’s motherly instinct kicked in and she started grooming and cuddling the baby as her own.

After all, everyone deserves a bit of motherly love.

It’s an awful sight when a baby animal is left to survive without its mother. That is why there’s nothing like the love of a mother and even the animal kingdom is no different.

One of zoo worker decided to bring her cat into work with her to act as a surrogate mom, since her cat had given birth to kittens not too long ago. Everyone was all hoping that the cat would adopt the little baby lynx as a part of her own litter.

Fortunately, soon after they met, the domesticated cat’s mom instinct kicked in and she began cuddling and grooming Nika as her own. Nika the lynx is now getting stronger, eating better and growing fast.

After all, doesn’t everyone deserves a bit of motherly love?

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