Multiple witnesses spotted UFO over the Hawaiian island of Oahu (video)

A professor from Harvard claims aliens have met us in 2017 and warns that there are more going, but a number of Hawaiians are still claiming that they are here.

Many civilians have observed and taped into the water, until it was sedate through the bay, prompting them to call the federal air transport agency, and 911, an unseen aerial object that floated over Oahu’s skies last Tuesday.

The sighting took place at 8:30 pm and images indicate an unusual mass in the sky as well as in the sea.

It can be said, “There is something in the sky, Misitin SAPE, who captured one of the videos in Nanakuli. What is that? What is that? ,”

Hawaii News Now informs. Another woman called Moriah also saw the item crossing Princess Kahanu Estates and said to HNN: “I look up and it was like, ‘Yeah! And I was like it! ‘Because they were all in the garage, I start calling them and my husband. ‘Hey, I’ve been like. Come look up there. Come look up there. They all replied, ‘Yeah! See if you see what I see.’ ‘I don’t know what it’s been… it was moving really easily.’

The Federal Aviation Administration officers told HNN that no injuries or crashes were happening on aircraft in the field at the time. But several witnesses said they saw a great blue object falling from the sky and the ocean.

Moriah pursued the UFO — invisible and “greater than a phone pole” — for 1 mile to the shore. She is heard saying in one of her videos: “It’s gone into the sea and ground. That it is. Whatever it is.” Upon the appearance of the police, Moriah observed a second white light come out of the direction of the light object.

“My hen went up and noticed a white guy approaching,” she told HNN. “My husband went up. “It was bigger, the white one. He came in the same form as the blue one.”

A Honolulu police spokesman informed HNN that no detail was accessible on the topic and FAA spokesman Ian Gregor told the agency that the police confirmed a suspected plane in the area on Tuesday night “with no plane missing from radar. And no records of aircraft that were delayed or absent.

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