“Not a Meteor” – Oregon Officials are still reviewing a possible UFO crash (Video)

At the end of last year, the strangest occurrence was reportedly reported by the authorities when they supposedly stumbled upon a huge meteor falling down to Earth.

You may believe this is yet another meteorite that breaks into our atmosphere, but you’d be wrong because there wasn’t a meteorite that broke the atmosphere at the moment, according to the scientists.

The Oregon officials claimed that whatever the item was, they did not necessarily recognize it and both the Air Force and the Federal Administration tried hard to discover the facts behind this very unusual incident.

The observers at the scene confirmed that it appeared like an aircraft falling straight down to Earth, suggesting that it wasn’t necessarily formed like a meteorite, either.

But this was actually dropped not too long after no lost aircraft had been registered in the region. Needless to mention, people have been asking what the reality behind this really is, and no one seems to have the answers we need.

One of the witnesses called Richard Romano simply spoke about it by claiming that it was certainly not a meteorite since it didn’t appear like one, nor did it behave like one.

Many people tend to believe that the UFO came down on Earth that day. What do you make about that? What else may it have been? Check out the video below and let us know your theories.


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