Shocking Video Footage Shows UFO Sighting in the Forest of the Blake Brothers

Foreign welcome back to third phase of moon Blake cousins we’ve got the UFO sightings coming in from around the world people are looking up and they’re capturing the phenomenon and we’re going to be going over it tonight in the special premiere on third phase of moon of the extraordinary the out of basement UFO sightings that just doesn’t make sense they Boggle the mind we may have speculation onto what these objects may be but right now they remain unidentified we’re going to be going.

over broad daylight sightings captured of what looks to be a flying saucer including other celestial events coming in from the public what is going on around the world we’re going to be going over it right now on third phase of moon let’s get to the first video that has come in check it out foreign multiple eyewitness videos coming in from the region wondering what is going on is this some kind of military exercise some kind of weirdness well people of China were alerted about something going on above their heads

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