The Truth About the Massive UFO Sighting in Malaysia, this video is still controversial

The inhabitants of many of the planets in our solar system have progressed beyond humans on Earth, both technologically and spiritually. Hence some of these aliens have left their physical bodies to become etheric organisms. Since they do not have physical bodies they cannot normally be seen with the naked eye. But they need to travel in their spaceships, to visit other worlds. Although there is much more, there are many experts on the subject who believe that some of these extraterrestrial beings cooperate with the governments of Earth.

Normally their presence here on Earth goes completely unnoticed, but occasionally their ships are seen in many parts of the world. At present there are many real UFO sightings recorded on video and uploaded to the Internet, however, there are also those who take advantage of this phenomenon to create hoaxes with the sole objective of trying to exploit social networks with viral marketing. Now a new video shows a huge flying saucer over a Malaysian village. And how can it be otherwise, thousands of users on social networks discuss its authenticity. Next, all the keys about the huge Malaysian UFO.

Huge UFO in Malaysia

It flies low and straight over the town and disappears behind the trees into the blackness of the sky. You can also hear the sound of the engines, while the big UFO moves. And to all this we must add the screams of the shocked witnesses, speaking aloud in a nervous way, and wondering what the mysterious object could be. But after the news was picked up by the mainstream media, the Malaysian police issued a statement denying all the stories about the UFO of extraterrestrial origin in the small town.

Malaysian police debunk video

Malaysian police also appealed to the public for calm and said they have not received any credible witness report. In addition, they denied that the Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) had broadcast the video. According to the police, they do not know why the individuals have released the video, but believe that it is probably meant to be a simple joke. According to Police Chief Superintendent Abdullah Roning, the video was released for unknown reasons.

He added that his men had been investigating the images and found no evidence of anyone seeing a huge UFO over towns in Kelantan state.

Real or montage?

And there could be no shortage of skeptics in the debate, who suggested that the images were similar to the famous science fiction film Independence Day directed by Roland Emmerich, whose sequel was released last June. Not to mention, the mysterious video was uploaded to social media on Malaysia’s National Independence Day, August 31.

It is true that everything seems to indicate that the video is a very well elaborated joke. Even so, some UFO believers defended the video as being legitimate. They explained that skeptics talk about CGI (computer generated image) effects as if it were something easy to achieve. And some conspiracy theorists say authorities are doing everything they can to discredit this actual sighting, so they can continue to hide how alien civilizations interact in our world. Who knows, sometimes videos of this type can have some truth.

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