The video captures a mysterious creature that makes viewers shudder.

Now by mysterious creatures caught on camera dig my grave this next bizarre video was submitted by a woman named Colleen to the website Sasquatch chronicles calm she says that the video was recorded by two teenage girls on a break from work for some odd reason the girls decided to take a drive through a local cemetery to pass the time the two girls immediately spots something very bizarre and after watching and shocked disbelief for a few minutes one of the girls pulls out her phone and begins to record

a dark figure seems to be digging feverishly into the cemetery dirt using only its hands like an animal after Colleen saw the girls video she drove to the cemetery to take a look for herself and found this freshly dug hole but the person or thing that he called the dirt from the ground was nowhere to be found which might have been for the best so is this creature caught on camera digging in the cemetery or just some very disturbed person you decide the

Squealer two guys in North Georgia claimed that they were out shooting off fireworks on the fourth of July when they began to hear strange animalistic noises coming from the woods nearby are you an idiot watch out that’s pretty fine I wanted to go up in the air man and still cool yeah farm animal [Applause] if I were that

what is that do you have it what is that dude what is that read it the hell out of here I’m not I’m not getting you that I got to tell you something that looks like some kind of humanoid creature

chases them out of the woods now of course the guys in the video claim that the clip is 100% real but this could just be one of their friends in a mask or someone pulling a prank on them real or fake let me know what you think down in the comments something’s still in the yard on this channel I previously covered the strange occurrences that take place outside the home of youtuber Maddy Ann and her husband Devon Maddy and Devon say that they’ve heard strange noises around their house at night for months and that

everyone in their neighborhood has experienced random property damage all occurring after dark in case you didn’t see the first video on this here’s a quick review of the very creepy video that Maddy posted four months ago hearing the craziest noises listen [Applause] [Applause] after that first occurrence the bizarre noises haven’t stopped one night Madi and Devin are relaxing on their back

porch when this happens [Music] [Music] can I go inside please please can I go inside just just go go hurry up we can hear odd noises and what sounds like the footsteps of someone running through the bushes [Music] Devon goes out to investigate his Maddy

heads back inside but Devon found nothing out of the ordinary cut to a few weeks later Maddie’s looking around outside and finds something absolutely chilling okay and I go between this Bush and our funk it’s a pretty narrow area 20 30 degree weather is not warm 14 inches Jesus litter Maddie says that the next time she hears the noises she plans to try to livestream the sound directly on YouTube to follow their continuing story be sure to check out her YouTube channel Maddie Ann into the woods Reddit user J

who at 3 1 1:9 says that his friend in upstate New York installed a security camera to record outside his home apparently the friends dog had been freaking out in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason when checking the security footage he was shocked by what he found [Music] some bizarre hunched over figure with glowing eyes seems to come working out of the darkness and then seems to simply disappear into thin air note that in the video you can actually see the dog in the lower left corner it turns its head

to watch the strange thing pass meanwhile at the other corner of the video the property owner can be seen out searching the grounds with a splash light but he doesn’t even notice the lumbering figure as it passes so is this a creature caught on camera disappearing into the woods or is it all just a hoax let me know what you think I see you a group of French college students pass by an old abandoned swimming pool every day as it’s on the way to a restaurant near their university so one night they decide to bring along some flashlights

and head inside for a little bit of exploring they certainly weren’t ready for what they found [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] someone or something seems to be lurking in an old changing room near the pool the college students flee in terror setting off the alarms that they were so carefully trying to avoid now on first glance at this video you’re probably wondering why the original poster called this a creature in fact you’re probably thinking well that just looks like a very skinny person with

long arms and that very well might be true but there is one thing here that makes absolutely no sense and that is the fact that this person’s eyes glow in the flashlight beam in fact they continue to glow even after the light is taken away and the eyes of a human being do not glow when you shine a flashlight on them now you’ve probably seen animals whose eyes glow in the dark when there’s light nearby this is because the eyes of those animals contain a special layer of tissue called a – peetam lucidum this

layer reflects light from their eyes and lets them see in the dark now humans do not have that special layer of tissue so human eyes do not glow or at least they’re not supposed to so exactly what is going on with this person’s eyes is this a human-like creature is it just a very thin person combined with some special effects work to make their eyes glow is it a hoax or an actual strange encounter tell me what you think thanks for watching for an all-new story and video be sure to check out the Facebook extras this week at slash nooks top 5 this week I’ll be covering one of the most requested creature videos on this channel and if you want to suggest a video for the top 5 while you’re there just click the send message button


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