UFO fleet seen underwater off the coast of Greece on Google Earth (Video)

Alien Hunter, an expert on the subject of UFO sightings, has reported the visualization of a fleet of unidentified flying objects underwater near the Greek coast using Google Earth.

An expert alien hunter claims to have discovered a fleet of submerged “alien ships” off the Greek coast, suggesting the need to set a new milestone in the search for UFOs.

The UFO in question is believed to have come from or returned to an oft-cited alien base in the Greek city of Nova Mikeoia.

UFO and alien expert Scott Warig explains the main but increasingly frequent phenomenon on his website.

On Google Earth maps, there is a fleet of UFOs off the coast of Greece. According to Google’s rules, the smallest operating area is 80 meters wide, and the largest operating area is about 200 meters wide. The smaller drive has a bulge in the middle that makes it look like an old-fashioned drive to me. I’ve heard of an alien base not far from Greece. The base is located 5 kilometers below the castle of Rocca Pia in Italy. They call themselves W56.

Many different species live there and have come into contact with humans on many occasions. In my case, the Friendship Case generated more than 30 years of alien encounters. The base is huge and they say it extends far beyond the ocean. These UFOs seem to belong to W56.

Add in the fact that researchers were recently baffled by what they called a “completely bizarre” underwater tornado off the coast of Australia and I think we all know what’s really going on in our seas.

This is also far from the first time, as Mr Warig said, that Greece has become a hot spot for UFO activity.

In 2018, the New York Post reported on a UFO witnessed by passengers from a location flying over the Aegean Sea, which is located between the Grecian Rocks and Atolia.

“A passenger flying over the Aegean Sea captured images of a foreign object flying alongside the aircraft. It was conducting a primary mission that seemed impossible for any known aircraft to take off,” reads the description of the video shared by the Post.

So now that we can officially mark another location in our collection and universe, experts have recently found evidence of what they believe to be an “alien base” that exists next to Indonesia, places beyond Mars, Moo and “from Mercury” . city”.

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