Unidentified Flying Object Spotted in Video of California Fires: What Is It?

when local news Shoppers cover a breaking story you never know what’s going to happen next and in our first video what the chopper called purely by chance became a story of its own come over take a look at that all right this is a rapidly becoming very ugly yeah it is yeah this isn’t looking good in the past five years millions of Acres of California have been consumed by wildfires and in 2018 with the massive Woolsey fire menacing Northern Los Angeles County itself local news Choppers took to the air to cover every

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Smokey second and then that provides a great deal of fuel for these fires but when some viewers saw this footage they forgot all about the flames [Music] ushers massive cloud of smoke billowing up from the forest and then all of a sudden out of the cloud Comes This odd little shape narrow almost looks like a flat saucer on its side or a cigar shape journalist MJ banayas covers the Unexplained and he says the cigar-shaped UFO is a classic type right up there with orbs Tic Tacs and triangles cigar shift UFOs have been

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seen for decades if not centuries and we have lots of recordings of them we have lots of witness testimony of them we have lots of photographs of them so for the UFO Community seeing a cigar-shaped UFO it was pretty compelling the video caught fire online was a UFO somehow drawn to the Flames there’s a belief that UFOs use clouds as cover and they hide behind them I’ve heard stories that UFOs can actually shapeshift and look like clouds I’ve also heard that UFOs enjoy frequenting sites of great Devastation forest fires included

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here’s an interesting fact more than 80 percent of U.S forest fires are started by human activity from cigarettes to arson could it be that UFOs are somehow drawn to these large fires let’s break down the video with our experts foreign we know the video is real it was broadcast live by a news chopper as you can see from the Independent motion of the object that it’s not just a smudge on the lens so could it have been an object from outer space entering the Earth’s atmosphere we asked the video

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expert Mark dantonio a trained astronomer sometimes meteors will come in and sometimes they hit the atmosphere at such a low angle that they can’t crack and they just go skipping off the Earth and as they do that they start to burn up but the California UFO wasn’t burning up and science writer Mick West who’s lived through plenty of wildfires says it couldn’t be a plane it didn’t seem to have any of the features of a plane it had no visible wings and it seemed to be moving either too slow or to be too big to be a plane

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set on solving this puzzle West starts by determining precisely where the news Chopper was I looked up all the helicopters in the Flight Radar 24 tracking service and tried to figure out where they all were at that time then I went into Google Earth and I positioned the camera where these helicopters were at around that time using some satellite images of the fire West is able to line up that image with the Chopper’s exact camera angle so I could tell that the Chopper’s over here we’re looking over here then the

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Eureka moment you can see here we’re looking down so it’s all ocean that’s right the sky is really the Pacific Ocean and the cigar-shaped UFO what if it was a boat that’s actually Out on the Ocean West checks the local shipping lanes and sure enough 15 miles off the coast is the route that all the container Ships Take when they’re going north and south off the coast of California so what we were looking at was a container ship the moral of the story check your assumptions that blue sky might turn out to be the

blue ocean and our verdict that UFO turned out to be an unidentified floating object a container ship March of 2017 the International Space Station 250 miles above the Earth’s surface two astronauts are on a routine spacewalk to perform maintenance NASA flight engineer Peggy Whitson films their mission and in the process capture something out of this world strange object seems to be following look closer it appears to be spinning slowly as if to get a better view it’s visible in the background for almost the

entire seven hour spacewalk social media blows up many speculate that this is proof of a UFO monitoring the ISS author and editor Brad Olson thinks there’s an entire ET surveillance Network some believe the centerpiece is a mysterious satellite called the Black Knight that avoids detection through a cloaking device the Black Knight satellite flies a very peculiar rotation around the earth from Pole to pull so as the Earth spins in that direction eventually every continent will come underneath where this Black Knight

satellite flies in 1899 famed inventor Nikola Tesla received a radio transmission that some believe was from the Black Knight and photos of a strange object like this one taken from the ISS add to the speculation that an alien satellite is orbiting Earth but if there are aliens spying on us no one knows exactly what they’d hope to learn what they’re using it for to monitor the Earth is truly one of the greatest mysteries of our planet now other footage from the ISS has reinforced the idea that strange things

are happening up in orbit check this picture out it’s from 2015 when a British astronaut saw three lights moving in formation near the ISS now the image is tough to see but let’s zoom in and I will point out what we’re talking about it’s right here here and again right here strange right but before we sound the alarm let’s analyze these images with our experts Mark d’antonio studies the spacewalk footage to see if the object could be some kind of satellite it actually falls into shadow of the

space station a few points in the video that is something that tells me that it’s actually fairly small and fairly close to the space station so maybe it’s one of the 130 million pieces of space junk circling the earth the ISS sometimes has to maneuver out of the way to avoid being hit by that stuff if it was space jumps you would kind of expected to be moving across the surface of the Earth in a different direction but because they’re moving at the same speed through space it kind of looks like it’s something that’s paralleling

the motion of the International Space Station Mick West dismisses the Black Knight spy satellite theory for the same reason it would follow a completely different orbit from the ISS and after doing some investigating d’antonio thinks this UFO is from the ISS itself this particular object was a shield That was supposed to be installed and they dropped it by accident The Shield is made of two inch thick fabric that’s meant to protect the ISS from strikes from space junk as for those three streaks of light d’antonia researches

that particular ISS Mission and notes there was an interesting problem there was a leak of a liquid from the Russian sector of the International Space Station in the final analysis it turns out that this is almost definitely just urine that leaked out of the Russian sector of the International Space Station our verdict the UFOs were really a fly away shield and some Russian urine yeah I said it but the space junk problem that’s real in fact NASA is worried about something called The Kessler syndrome where so many objects will be

in orbit that a collision could cause a whole Cascade of smash-ups producing so much clutter it would make future launches impossible it’s a normal day and the skies above Plymouth Wisconsin an amateur photographer and drone Enthusiast John sukawati is getting the scenic footage I really just wanted to capture the storm clouds moving in maybe some lightning would be kind of cool but Jon’s drone captures more than clouds and farmland take a look did you miss it don’t worry so did John he didn’t see it

until he got home let’s slow this down I’m seeing a blurry white object whizzing by the Drone pause it there and here’s a second one when we slow it down and push in we see another object that looks to be coming from behind a cloud Bank let’s freeze that you can understand why John was taken aback my curiosity peaked right away it was just something weird forensic investigator Chase klotzky says John’s UFO videos rank in her top five percent for credibility she notes that similar drone encounters

have been popping up with some suggesting these could be secret military micro drones or alien technology the theory is their Scouts they’re Gathering terrain information even about maybe our atmosphere she was particularly interested in the object that appears to be coming out of a cloud we have a lot of reports of objects flying into a cloud or the objects coming out almost as if they use them for cover so this stuff is all over the place you’ve probably seen this video recorded by Navy fighter pilots the defense

department has admitted that’s an unidentified object so what are these things on John sukawadi’s drone camp we want to take a good hard look with our analysts starting with video forensics expert Michael Primo Primo applied motion Vector analysis to determine whether or not John’s video was a fake the motion blurring and the way that the object is traveling the scale of the object all looks consistent to me it looks like there was actually something there but what was that something my guess was

hail but our Aviation expert Tim McMillan shoots down that theory I think Hales out of the question because if you’ve got a heavy enough wind that is able to blow hail something solid sideways you’re not going to be able to sustain flight with a quadcopter commercial drone what about the notion of secret military micro drones the first thing we have to ask is why would they be operating it within close proximity of a hobbyist the object of keeping things secret is don’t do them out in the open so if it’s

not hail and it’s not another drone then what is it our other video expert Mark dantonio has his own theories moving frame by frame it seems to change shape in a rhythmic manner it’s actually changed shape in such a rhythmic manner that I began to actually think it maybe I’m actually looking at a bird flapping its wings changing moment to moment as we go the object is moving so fast past the camera on the that each frame of the video is slightly blurred so that is why it takes a little bit of finesse to notice the bird’s wings and

as for that other object coming out of the cloud it looked like an object that had no structure other than it was a soft focused object and to me that indicates maybe that we’re looking at like a seed pod that can actually get whipped to quite a high altitude okay so is it proof or not Michael Primo has seen a lot of these videos and he couldn’t identify these objects so are they UFOs like the Navy reported maybe but after Mark d’antonio showed us that flapping motion we’re gonna say that object is a bird

as for the other one the seed pod theory is interesting but not conclusive we’ll leave this one as an unidentified object Quebec 2018. a french-speaking family is on an outing enjoying a cloudless day when they notice something in the sky and start recording a bizarre object rotates slowly seeming to shine bright red and green lights as it turns we push in and stabilize the image to get a better look as the image comes into Focus you don’t have to speak French to grasp the family’s astonishment the family grows increasingly certain

they’ve spotted something extraordinary and check this out at moments it looks like this thing is Flaming something we’ve never seen before is it a craft burning off fuel as it ascends into space journalist MJ benais a Canadian himself says his homeland does a thorough job of recording such incidents Canada has a significant UFO history where one of the few countries that actually logs and collects uh UFO data on a yearly basis and then publishes the results of those findings there are more sightings of

UFOs over Quebec than in any other Canadian province whatever this thing is it’s not making any noise and it’s not clear how it stays Aloft the object is quite curious to me because it seems to have no visible means of propulsion maybe even exhibiting anti-gravity properties and sort of just suspended in air and for a period of time so this very well could be something not of this world so we’ve done stories of UFOs spotted at forest fires hovering around flaming volcanoes and even flying into the sun’s

Corona but this is a rare instance where a UFO almost looks like it’s on fire to shed some light on what we’re seeing we turn the video over to our experts first video analyst Mark d’antonio examines the video and it’s metadata to see if we can trust it as far as the video being something that was fake or hoaxed I don’t believe that that’s the case I think that this is an actual object this object doesn’t have propellers or produce exhaust so our experts eliminate a drone or plane

and the sky is completely clear so d’antonio rules out a cloud this is not anything weather related where there’s no sun it’s dark under there and where there is sun it’s bright it kind of shows us that it’s a 3D object being illuminated by the Sun and what looks like fire might not be flame but really A glint of sunlight off a shiny surface says Aviation expert Tim McMillan it’s something that appears to have a very highly reflective surface it’s reflecting sunlight very much like

a mirror and so all of that is very characteristic of a bright shiny silver mylar party balloon and at one point you can almost make out of shape maybe an H or you know at some point it almost maybe looks like a horse D Antonio and McMillan think it’s a balloon of some sort that’s reflecting light so intensely it looks like it’s on fire but neither can explain exactly why the reflected light is so red why the colors sometimes shift or even why it’s that strange shape I can’t say it’s not a UFO unequivocally

but I do believe it’s a mylar balloon so our verdict the deciding moment for us is when the object turns sideways we have to agree with our experts with its wrinkles and strange shape it sure looks like a partially deflated balloon but we don’t know what the letter is supposed to be so it’s a UFL unidentified flying letter I think I said in Warminster England about a hundred miles west of London the passenger in a parked car notices something that appears to be a couple of helicopters or drones but then look at this

they seem to split into five or six smaller objects and then perform a series of coordinated maneuvers we video like this coming out of England almost 300 miles away in Sunderland a beachgoer catches this on camera here two bright orbs Loop across the sky and seem to divide it looks kind of like fireworks at first but then watch the split orbs proceed to conduct similar coordinated Maneuvers just like the war Minster video they remind journalist and author Alexis Brooks of other first-hand accounts in the field

of ufology there is something in fact called UFO mitosis objects that are seen first is one and then replicating themselves and following a similar trajectory this could be what we’re seeing and taking it one step further Brooks wonders if the UFO’s splitting is part of an actual biological process I’ve spoken to quite a few individuals who have been taken on board craft that believe the craft is actually alive not just the occupants of The Craft but the craft itself the assumption is that the craft May in fact be sentient as well

during World War II Winston Churchill’s suppressed reports of a UFO sighting in order to avoid Widespread Panic could these splitting UFOs be similar to what he feared we turn to our experts for answers military analyst Tim McMillan looks at the Sunderland footage and eliminates some possible explanations with any fireworks that I’m familiar with mainly because it’s doing barrel rolls it’s leaving a lot of showering Sparks McMillan also thinks that no secret weapon would be tested or operated over

a public beach out in the open like this it’s doing a pretty impressive show that would lead me to believe that we’re not looking at classified military technology he also thinks he could rule out UFOs if only because of those odd Sparks I’m unfamiliar with anybody who has seen any UFOs showering Sparks and doing barrel rolls in recent years China has used elaborate drone swarms to create synchronized displays could this be something similar potentially a drone type system that is specifically designed to provide a fireworks display

that’s able to shower Sparks and do barrel rolls and travel all throughout the sky like this so it’s possible but instead of focusing just on the objects astronomer and video effects designer Mark d’antonio looks at these people on the beach I see what appears to be people looking at this this person looks like he’s looking some other direction that would be a pretty eye-catching thing here’s people that are bent over doing other things and that this is happening without anyone really paying attention

to it that is sort of a a bit of a red flag for me and if this video is sort of a red flag for d’antonio the war Minster video raises that flag and gives it a good wave now coming out from behind the hill look it’s they’re suddenly there so watch boom they started out here the transition out of the hill is missing it was removed from the video probably because the person who was creating this put in his little dots and took those frames out because he couldn’t get a convincing exit from the hill

I think I have to label this one a hoax one more thing about the war Minster video just about every time the orbs get close to the hill everything goes blurry you see this like there’s something to hide there is no point in splitting errors over self-splitting UFOs we’re concluding that both videos are in fact CGI Creations gotcha


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