Urgent Rescue: Ailing Dog Chained in Yard, Battling Cancerous Bones

GWARP was notified on September 22 that an aged dog was being chained without access to water and food even though it was gravely ill. Despite GWARP’s experience in animal rescue, this situation was new to them.

The poor dog seems to have developed bone cancer, which has never been treated and has endured living on a short chain for several years. Its diet consisted of garbage and leftovers, lacking essential nutrients and vitamins. Due to this, it has acquired a type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma. The vet confirmed that this kind of cancer is usually caused by severe injury or infection that results in a tumor. Unfortunately, this aligns with what the person who reported the situation witnessed – the dog being cruelly beaten by its drunken owner, who kept it tied up and hidden in his yard for years. The metal chain was so short that the dog couldn’t move beyond two feet.

When the GWARP rescue team attempted to save the young boy, they were denied by the owner, who believed that they had no right to remove his possession. In response, they reached out to the local police for help. The dog appeared upset when they left to speak with the authorities and it took some time for the owner to agree to release the animal. Only after receiving proper documentation was he willing to allow the rescue team to take the dog, but only under the condition that they report their actions.

We’ve come to an agreement that the poor pup needs urgent medical attention including thorough check-ups and blood tests. In addition, our little boy requires immediate amputation and we have sent fabric samples to histology. It’s a long road ahead for both of them. The X-rays revealed that the pup has Osteosarcoma, a severe bone cancer. The good news is that there are no metastases in his white lung, giving him a slim chance of survival. Unfortunately, the tumor is rapidly expanding causing the skin to tear due to its rapid growth. With each passing day, the tumor continues to grow bigger.

Jordan was pampered with a luxurious bath to cleanse away the unpleasant memories of his past and the negative vibes from his previous owner. Unfortunately, there’s a sad update that nothing can be done for Jordan in Azerbaijan; he has to recuperate a bit before he can travel to Turkey. He is scheduled for his journey in just a few days.

Upon his arrival in Istanbul, Jordan underwent a quick sedation procedure to allow for X-rays of his entire body prior to his surgery. His amputation surgery was successfully carried out, leaving his tumor-infested limb no longer part of his body. The procedure went smoothly without any complications.

Jordan has been recovering well from his amputation surgery, which was three days ago. He adapted quickly to his new life without any hindrance. His appetite has also returned, and he’s been enjoying the food we give him. We all hope that he continues to recover quickly and live a long life ahead of him. Our love and support are with Jordan during this time. Check out the video below to see his inspiring story and feel free to share it with your loved ones.


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