Viral Documentary Sparks Life-Changing Surgery for Man with 30kg Tumors

Truly, I have grown so much in the past two years. le recently made a documentary entitled Hi born which tells a different story and because

It went viral, I’ve been offered free surgery from the hospital here.

Yes, it feels good now, there is, there is also a feeling of worry.

Yes perfect, stir, Set alarm.

From Indonesia, the best is, andreolli.

The formula has become very heavy, it now weighs 30 kg.

I find it hard to do anything with this tumor and I wasn’t born with a mood condition, a rare disease called neurofibromatosis.

Basmal Android series, my god, millions watching Across The World.

It just happened, The One Piece, the doctor was born who told a different story and because the claim went viral, I was offered free surgery from the hospital here.

Hi, me and my family, I couldn’t afford the surgery before this latest documentary and we are so happy that I can now have the surgery.

Agree or disagree, you are Persija, s0sis.

Happiness, there is, there is also worry.

Yes, it’s perfect, stir it like that, it’s possible, he said, the doctor said it’s soft, if it’s loose, the air keeps flowing, the size is fatal, he said, Mbak Anggi, fried audius according to that, it’s big, it’s possible,

I can walk like normal people used to walk, my burden is reduced and I feel fresher, I can work again.

Ya ampun, Jogja, edisi trust mobile is today is currently on the f***.

Hi, yes, if the house is big, lots of people will drop in.

Rasulullah told him to type it wrong. Hopefully it will kill him.

Hi, there’s a lot of it all on his body, on his back, in his armpits, on his face.

But this first moment, the most important thing that we have to throw away is the one that bothers him the most, which is on his body, on his chest, which probably weighs around 20.

Hi, it turns out the nipples are gone again.

OK, sorry, just the breasts, Hi, Goddess, transfer, if you give me the one with 14, something based on weight, it can’t stop.

Oh yes, the risks, Hi, maybe it’s true.

Threeformation place.

It’s time for Android series A. ahead, okay, the year Boss PII has gone up Two Three Four Seasons Network client TV khai hai hai, hai kuch Hai of New York, holy freestyle Mecca, o7w bus telolet, Hai tanjungori, times.

Float Junior Frisian, Kai the seven days, Laisa kanan, tryout istimela Lunafly Hospital, hai hai, hai. hai.

Hi, my cooperative from the first time did not go according to plan.

Why am I bleeding?

Yes, I’m happy because my disease has been removed and I feel lighter again, the hospital costs, plastic surgery, flash are more acceptable.

Thank you for operating on me and the doctors.

Yes, I’m happy, now there are lots of people who are now paying attention to light, cleanliness, enthusiasm, health, bro.

Hopefully the second operation goes smoothly, keep up the enthusiasm, hi, hi.



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