3 UFOs Flying Over The Moon Incredible Footage (Video)

I would put 3 large stack’s of the folding paper money (paper cut cash) on this telescope footage of UFOs flying up and over the Lunar surface as being genuine.

Guy’s, there’s nobody on Earth this good at faking UFO videos, let’s just be honest. That’s a statement and half and I totally understand that, but what can I say? Actually I will try.

3 UFOs flying over the Moon in spectacular UFO video.

Here's 3 UFOs actually flying over the Moon.

The UFO video right here shines as a beacon of hope in Ufology and that’s as far as I’m concerned.

People might claim that it’s been debunked and it’s been proved as someone said that they did it, etc. It’s word’s and every single person has a lot of word’s! So just be wary when someone say’s it’s been debunked without showing us how they did it!

Let’s imagine a world where people can say anything, where they can claim anything, where they can exaggerate and falsify whatever they fancy? So let’s just keep an open mind about this one.

Is it a fake UFO video?

To be quite frankly about it, a fake UFO video can be spotted as “a fake” a mile away. That’s because it’s totally trash from the start! Just as a quick example; let’s take a disgusting pair of sneakers called “Abibas” trading on the excellent name of genuine Adidas sneakers. They look trash and you can literally spot them a mile off also you instantly dislike them because of what it represents.

So too, people will want to fake a UFO video because there’s people eager to believe it. That’s what makes it disgusting as they’re taking advantage of people’s hope’s and dream’s. This is why I dislike fake UFO videos.

My own personal opinion on this UFO video.

But this video of 3 UFOs flying up and over the moons surface creating real shadows, I don’t get any feeling whatsoever that it’s fake. In fact it looks very real. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this is real. It looks really good, the shadows are right, the footage was taken by a telescope and it’s filmed live.

Conclusion on the triple Moon UFOs.

There’s no such thing as a good faker of UFO videos. The people who deliberately pull the wool over genuine UFO believer’s eye’s are doing so probably without any thoughts on the effects it’s having on Ufology? If these people are just putting their skills to the test, they should choose another genre like animation for example or sci-fi.

Their “skill’s if you wanna call it that” can only take them so far down the expression of talent’s before they’re deliberately harming Ufology. Anyways…

To begin with we can only see 2 UFOs and just as these 2 pass over the first lip of the Lunar crater, another craft raises itself up from below the horizon of the Moon. Then there’s 3 UFOs which must be huge, they’ve got to be massive in size taking the craters into account and comparing these unidentified object’s to the actual Moon, yes they’re absolutely huge!

Here’s the extraordinary video:

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