50 Cent Alleges Jay Z and Beyoncé Sacrificed People for Fame in Shocking Revelation

Beyonce Knowles has definitely got her husband Jay-Z’s back, this according to 50 Cent — who claims he was confronted by Bey in defense of her man.

During an interview on The Breakfast Club on Friday, the rapper said she “jumped out” at him in Las Vegas when he was trying to talk to Jay.”She jumped out. She was on a window sill,” he told the shocked cohosts. “I was like, ‘Oh, s—!’ I didn’t really know what to do. It was one of those situations when you was like, ‘Woah!’ If you say this to Jay, he’ll look at you and go, ‘Nah, that happened.’”50 Cent hilariously reveals Beyoncé once confronted him over Jay-Z feud

“I’m like, ‘Wait, what is you doing?’” he continued. “That’s me and Jay-Z’s stuff, this ain’t got nothing to do with you, girl.”He added that while he only stopped by to say “what’s up” to Jay, he felt Beyonce was “feeling my energy come over because we do say things about each other,” adding that he and the other rapper have a relationship that’s “competitive” in nature. That being said, he added, “You think I wanna do something to him? We don’t wanna do nothing to each other.”When asked if the two rappers have a good relationship with each other, he added, “Yeah.” He added that he was really thrown off by the interaction, because she was “still Beyonce” and “brought all of the sexy over” to the alleged confrontation.50 and host Charlamagne tha God then made a crack about Knowles’ sister, with Charlamagne joking, “You’re lucky Solange wasn’t there” — a reference, of course, to the infamous elevator incident between her and Jay-Z.”If Solange was there, I would’ve had to reboot!” added 50. “Solange was popping in that elevator like it was nothing. With some gangster s— going on. Jay couldn’t do nothing, huh?”TooFab has reached out to reps for both Jay-Z and Beyonce for comment.

50 Cent Reveals Beyonce & Jay Z SACRIFICE People for Fame

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