A Glimpse into Resilience: Life Beyond Eye Enucleation for the Brave Little Kitten

On August 23, 2023, at 5 AM in front of the studio,
I rescued a stray kitten from a mud pile that had been crying all night in the rain.
Its condition was very serious, so I immediately rescued it,
But I had no intention of keeping this kitten.

I thought it only had a mild conjunctivitis and cold symptoms, but
Its physical condition was worse than expected…
I was told that it had a slim chance of survival.
How are its eyes?
Why do they look blurry?
Its right eye has become cloudy and enlarged over time.
The herpes infection has become severe,
Causing severe pigmentary uveitis.
The right iris, heavily attacked by herpes,

Has become infected and inflamed,
Causing it to melt away.
This is what we call melting uveitis.
The uvea is melting, and the eye is enlarging due to increased intraocular pressure.
Initially, I planned to treat the disease and find it a home.
But after seeing this helpless little one relying on me, I made a decision.
Healthy eyes are important, but
It needs a more reliable owner.
I promise to be its protector and father for life,

Even if it loses an eye.
A cute child with golden eyes like cheese,
I named it Park Ddurang to represent the energy of a tiger.
However, the treatment is not easy
Due to a weak immune system, the skin disease is spreading rapidly
It even has constipation.

To strengthen its immune system and treat the disease, Ddurang needs to eat properly.
However, constipation hinders its eating and nutrient absorption.
The uvea is deteriorating due to poor blood circulation
And the eye is even enlarged, causing increased pressure.
It has reached a level of 30-33.

Ddurang has been to a total of four hospitals.
I found the second hospital because the eye pressure was increasing, and they could perform emergency eye surgery.
All hospitals have suggested removing the eye at this point.
However, they say Ddurang is too weak and not suitable for surgery.



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