Adorable Husky Melts Hearts with Sweet ‘Hugs’ for Baby Sister During Sleep

Millie the husky has been with Daisy, a human child, since she was born. They are the best of friends. Daisy is quite vulnerable to Millie’s protectiveness.

Daisy is just as in love with Millie. When she sees her, she laughs and smiles. Daisy is not afraid by Millie, despite the fact that she is a giant fluffy dog.

She allows the huge pup to curl up next to her.

“Our baby, Daisy, gets so excited when she sees my husky Millie!” They are really in love and just want to cuddle!” one father commented on YouTube. “They are always falling asleep together.”

Daisy’s parents, on the other hand, thought there was a deeper cause behind Millie and Daisy’s strong bond.

This is because they believe Millie believes she is Daisy’s mother.
“I believe my husky thinks my baby is her puppy,” Daisy’s parents explained.

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs are “smitten” with babies and form strong bonds with children with whom they spend a lot of time.

They see children as someone with whom they may play and who will pay them attention.

A dog is thought to be beneficial to a child. Dogs make babies joyful and aid in the production of serotonin and dopamine. A baby’s immune system can be strengthened by growing up with a dog.

Perhaps it’s all the doggy kisses? When you see a dog sniffing or licking a baby’s face or bottom, it’s their way of checking on the baby’s health.

This is something you’ll regularly see mother dogs do with their puppies.
“When there is a dog around, human babies grow up healthier, more protected, and generally happier,” said Caleb Backe, a Pet Health and Wellness Expert with Maple Holistics.

Dogs can detect when babies are more vulnerable. And because dogs are protective of their group, which can include people in some situations, they will look after the most vulnerable.

In order to protect a human child, a female dog would mother it as if it were her own.

Millie will sit right down on Daisy’s lap. Daisy isn’t bothered in the least. She just petted her dog and seemed content to be with her pal.

Daisy became so relaxed that she fell asleep with her dearest friend.

Millie even made sure Daisy was safe when she was sleeping with the child.
Daisy felt more at ease once she curled her paws around her.

These two are so lovely that they have millions of followers across many social media sites.

This one video alone received almost 2.4 million views.
“I just love how baby is fascinated by pup and how gentle pup is with baby.” “They will always be best friends!” commented one reader.

“I can’t believe Millie is so gentle with the baby.” Just wants to cuddle, such a wonderful babysitter. Another person said, “I love how they nap together.”



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