Adorable video captures a dog’s touching friendship with his human little brother

A heartwarming film shows a lasting connection that was formed when an adorable dog took a snap as his human baby brother.

Whitney Parks, 37, of Boston, testified that her one-year-old Golden Retriever Hinckley, who was mistaken for baby Theodore, due in October 2020, was brought home as a new toy for him to play with.

Hinckley immediately became Theodore’s constant friend, napping, snuggling, and eating together after realizing that Theodore was here to stay.

Hinckley, a one-year-old Golden Retriever, has formed an unbreakable bond with newborn Theodore Parks of Boston (pictured).

Whitney, 37, testified that Hinckley, who had been the center of attention for years, originally assumed that Theodore was brought home as a new toy to play with. Theodore appears with his father, Rob, and Hinckley.

Whitney claimed that the first few nights after Theodore was brought home, Hinckley watched him while he slept (as shown).

Whitney, who works in communications, noted that Hinckley wants to be involved in everything Theodore does, indicating that dogs are indeed man’s best friends.

“When we initially brought Teddy home, Hinckley thought we had brought him a new toy specifically for him,” Whitney explained. I can understand why he believed that after being the focus of our universe for a year.

‘Those first nights, Hinckley watched over Teddy from our bed as he slept in his crib, watching his every move in amazement.

‘After a few days, Hinckley discovered that the “toy” was not his and was not going to disappear. But, from the moment Teddy arrived home, Hinckley became obsessed with him and demanded to be present at all of his activities.

‘During tummy time, Teddy and Hinckley like to snuggle on the couch or the floor.

It took a few days for Hinckley to realize that Theodore was going nowhere, according to Whitney. Hinckley and Baby Theodore are shown.

Whitney revealed that Hinckley is obsessed with Theodore and wants to be involved in every aspect of his life. Hinckley and Baby Theodore are shown.


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