At a top-secret United States air facility, aп uпideпtified flyiпg object deactivated 10 пuclear missiles (Video)

UFOs disabled ten nuclear missiles at a top-secret U.S. air base, claims a former nuclear missile base commander and NASA engineer involved in preparing a lunar landing mission.

A former nuclear missile base commander who later designed backpacks for NASA astronauts for the Apollo lunar mission claims a UFO took out ten nuclear missiles in silos at his base.

Retired U.S. Air Force Capt. David D. Shindell said the strange incident occurred in 1966, when he was commander of a missile launch team at Minot Air Force Base Missile Field in North Dakota. But at the time, he was ordered never to disclose what he saw.

Along with other former U.S. Air Force commanders, Captain Schindele testified about how aliens interfered with weapons systems during tests, at nuclear bases and even disabling doomsday missiles.

In his testimony to the National Press Club in Washington, he said:

“At the time I was involved in a UFO incident in which a flying object interfered and disabled a total of ten ICBM missiles with nuclear warheads, depriving them of launch capability.”

Captain Schindele said that in December 1966 he woke up at the base to radio reports of UFO sightings by civilians in nearby Mohalla.

Arriving at the underground missile control station, he was taken to a ground-based “security center,” where the base commander informed him that he and other base personnel had witnessed the appearance of a flying saucer. The UFO continued to hover over the area and Schindele also saw it.

At a press conference, Capt. Schindele said:

“He [the facility manager] described a large object just outside the perimeter fence, with bright flashing lights but no noise, and it hovered close to the ground. I and the other employees saw it very clearly. I estimated the object to be 80-100 feet (30 meters). The UFO hovered over the base and then the object slid to the north side of the building and disappeared from view. But then it became visible to the guards.”

Meanwhile, the petrified security personnel lurked inside the building, looking through the windows at the soaring and brightly lit craft.

Captain Schindele recalls:

“It was a brief moment before the object took off and disappeared a second later. They [the guards] all confirmed to us the terrifying sight, as I could tell from the tone of their voices and the expression on their faces. They knew that the object was not a helicopter. Our helicopters don’t fly at night, especially without notifying the guards of the missile site.”

He said he then took an elevator 60 feet underground to the nuclear missile launch control room. Here, according to the launch control squad on duty, the missiles were not responding to commands as the UFO hovered near the main gate and over the underground control room bunker.

All of the missiles indicated a faulty guidance and control system. We had never encountered a situation like this before. This was all new to us. And it was very disturbing and troubling as we tried to comprehend the reality of the situation that came our way.”

Other “rocket men” claim to have had similarly strange encounters. What is disturbing to the military is that unidentified objects are interfering with nuclear missiles in silos.

Former Air Force officer, Robert Salas, was the on-duty commander of an underground launch control facility assigned to Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, US on March 24, 1967.

He claims all ten of his intercontinental ballistic missile became inoperable.

Salas added eight days earlier, on March 16, 1967, a similar incident occurred at another launch control facility.

Like other service personnel, he is now hopeful the military is edging towards disclosure.

A crucial development towards this came in June when the Pentagon released its UAP Task Force report which revealed 144 unexplained UFO encounters.

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