Brittany Renner Reveals Body Count To Shannon Sharpe And He Immediately Needs A Drink

Shannon Sharpe got some shell-shocking news during a recent interview. Brittany Renner told the Pro Football Hall Of Famer her body count and he immediately needed a drink to process it.

Renner appeared on Wednesday’s (Sept. 27) episode of Club Shay Shay to discuss many topics. At one point, when they broached the subject of sex, she told Sharpe that she’s slept with 35 men in her life. While she was completely composed in sharing that information, the former Undisputed host immediately needed to take a shot. He started with what was in his glass before grabbing the entire bottle and drinking from there, only to pour another shot.

The 55-year-old media personality offered his crew shots as well while Renner said “Impressive isn’t the word. If I’m judged for having great taste…” It was a hilarious moment, true to Sharpe’s animated nature, but many fans doubted whether Renner was actually being truthful.

Brittany Renner talks Deion Sanders, Jackson State and more - HBCU Gameday

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“She lying it got to be more,” one user wrote in the comments of DJ Akademiks’ post about the conversation. Another user didn’t see it as a big deal, writing “For her age 35 isn’t even that crazy I thought she was gonna said like 335.”

Some users interpreted Sharpe’s reaction as him wanting to join Renner’s list of men she’s slept with. “Unc tryna be 36,” one user wrote with multiple laugh emojis. “You know Unc made it 36 after this interview,” another user wrote. “Drinking cognac by the fireplace one on one is a easy touch down.”

Sharpe is no stranger to hearing shocking things, having worked alongside Skip Bayless on Undisputed for seven years. He left the show earlier this summer and recently joined ESPN’s First Take where he and Stephen A. Smith have already provided multiple hilarious moments. He candidly told Smith during a recent episode of his eponymous podcast that the time when Bayless said he was jealous of Tom Brady made him feel disrespected to the point that it was difficult to not resort to physical retaliation. Check out the clip below as well as the full Club Shay Shay interview with Brittany Renner.

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