Bulgarian hikers capture clear photo of giant, gray humanoid like alien (Video)

Unintentionally, a small group came across a large extraterrestrial humanoid in the wilderness who appeared to be unconscious. Between the Rila and Plovdiv mountains is a popular hiking area in Bulgaria called the forest.

One of the expedition members noticed the creature, but the rest of the team was unaware of it, in part because of the dense vegetation that obscured their vision.

As soon as the hiker reached for his camera to take some pictures, the creature sprung up and disappeared into the trees.

As you can see, the alien was pretty huge and resembled a humanoid. The creature’s resemblance to another extraterrestrial recently found in Australia and Argentina can be seen if we look at it closely.

For further details, see the video below, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.


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