Cardi B Feels Ashamed of Past Stripper Career: ‘After Work, I Would Cry, Thinking my Parents Would Be Disappointed

Before rising to fame as a rapper, Cardi B had a challenging past and worked as a stripper.

Before attaining the fame she enjoys today, Cardi B faced a difficult past. In a 2018 interview, Cardi B openly recounted her past as a stripper, expressing her shame: ‘Back then, Cardi was very ashamed, because of that job as a stripper. Even now, I still remember the humiliation in the early months of working. After work, I would cry, thinking about my parents being disappointed when they found out I was in this profession.

Cardi B xấu hổ vì quá khứ làm vũ công thoát y
Cardi B Shamed by Past as a Stripper

Despite facing numerous challenges, Cardi B has emerged as a major Hollywood star. She openly takes pride in her music career and the way she ‘rose from the mud.’ However, when it comes to her past as a stripper, Cardi B still carries a sense of shame. For the female rapper, her current life seems like a fairy tale, where she plays the role of a princess

Cardi B múa cột trên sân khấu VMAs 2023
Cardi B Pole Dances on the VMAs 2023 Stage



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