Cardi B Makes a Statement with Hundreds of Hair Clips – A Fashion Extravaganza Unveiled

The MTV Video Music Awards 2023 (VMAs 2023) took place on the morning of September 13 (Vietnam time) at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, USA.

“This grand music event has a history of creating memorable fashion moments, such as rapper Lil Kim’s colorful fruit-inspired jumpsuit in 1999 or Lady Gaga’s raw meat dress in 2010. The VMAs red carpet this year is sure to make an impression,” commented Vogue’s writer.

The pink carpet of this morning’s award ceremony continued to witness a series of impressive fashion moments.

Cardi B diện hàng trăm chiếc kẹp tóc, Selena Gomez khoe vòng một gợi cảm - 1

Rapper Cardi B made a statement on the pink carpet in a gown crafted from hundreds of silver hairpins, complemented by matching nail art. The creative mind behind this unique ensemble is the British-Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu, who ingeniously attached numerous silver hairpins together to form an intricate and cohesive dress for the artist.

Cardi B diện hàng trăm chiếc kẹp tóc, Selena Gomez khoe vòng một gợi cảm - 2

Vogue magazine noted that the dress was originally spotted on the Fall 2023 runway of Findikoglu as a short dress. Therefore, Cardi B’s version may be a specially designed piece. Her husband, Offset, also sported silver hairpin accessories, creating a coordinated look that complemented his wife’s attire.



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