Chilean Navy UFO footage is controversial among experts over its authenticity.

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one of the big questions that hangs over the ufo community is the so-called fermi paradox if there’s so much potential for intelligent life in the universe why haven’t we heard from anybody well one explanation is that the alien visitors are like zoologists trying to study rare species in the wild they go to great lengths to go unnoticed so they can observe without disturbing their subject but now that we’ve developed high-tech reconnaissance cameras it may be harder for them to stay hidden which brings us to our next video.

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it’s november 2014 and the chilean navy helicopter is on routine patrol near the capital santiago the crew is testing out a forward-looking infrared or flare camera something catches the technician’s eye and when he points his camera this is what he captures two large overlapping orbs check it out they’re moving in unison maybe they’re even connected so we see here this is done in infrared everything that’s white is cooler and everything that is in black is much warmer or hotter giving off a lot of heat.

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based on the thermal camera’s readout the object is hotter than everything else in the frame and the navy crew says the object speed matches their own 130 knots then look the objects seem to release a plume of some sort not once but twice for forensic investigator chase klotzky the plumes are an intriguing sight i’ve just never seen anything like this before and the plume were like what is that it’s so unusual is it gas is it vapor one thing klosky is certain about the video is not a hoax this case is

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absolutely the real deal chile actually openly investigates their ufos so when the chilean government comes out and says this is something that has the characteristics of a uap you can take it to the bank the chilean government studied this video for two years before releasing it to the public and this uap or unidentified aerial phenomenon didn’t just look strange we have reports from the chilean navy that this aircraft did not appear on its radar system we also have a report that they did try to communicate with this

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aircraft but it never responded back which is a bit of a mystery the chilean camera could switch between optical and infrared settings for an unexplained reason the plume that shows up as hot in the infrared doesn’t appear at all in the optical viewer to cut through all of these mysteries we turn the footage over to our experts tim mcmillan considers whether it might have been a hostile craft trying to sneak into chilean airspace obviously the drone theory is one that everyone has to examine this was filmed

in 2014. drone technologies were not nearly as advanced as they are today and there weren’t as frequent even with the militaries of the world and so there’s not really any shape that would be consistent with what you would expect to see from a drone balloons are also mistaken for ufos quite often so astronomer and video effects designer mark d’antonio looks at that possibility certainly balloons do go that high and certainly balloons do travel slowly but they generally don’t show hot spots like this i do not

believe this is a balloon the key could be those strange plumes d’antonio thinks the object is moving through pockets of moist air i have watched contrails start and stop and make dashes in the sky i think this is a contrail from a commercial jet two hot spots two trails others think the plumes could be a plane dumping fuel but wouldn’t the two-year investigation have tracked that plane down and the object appears to be headed towards santiago a city of over 4 million people aircraft when they’re in

trouble will tend to go out to the ocean to be able to dump their fuel and they do that in non-populated areas and if you look at the settings on the westcam camera it was looking at an object that was fairly straight ahead which means that the object was equivalent to its altitude which puts it relatively low 4000 feet is nothing in terms of its altitude airplanes only form contrails of ice above 30 000 feet hoffman sees why the chilean authorities still view this video as unexplained the chilean video has an object that has all the

appearances of being something that we would think of as being an aircraft but we just don’t know for sure there are still no clear explanations for why radar failed to detect this object or why the plume doesn’t show up in the optical viewer but it’s worth pointing out that the us navy only started seeing uaps like the famous tic tac when it installed its aegis radar systems which the chileans didn’t have so no one can identify with a chilean navy caught on video so we’re going to call this a real ufo

we’ve investigated dozens of ufo encounters but few seem to pose an immediate threat to the eyewitnesses well what you’re about to see or really hear will change that because something came within feet of taking out a passenger plane february 21st 2021 american airlines flight 2292 is heading from cincinnati to phoenix everything seems normal as it cruises at 36 000 feet over northeastern new mexico until ground control gets this message from the pilot have any targets up here we just had something to go right over the top of us

that i hate to say this looked like a long cylindrical object it almost looked like a cruise missile type of thing moving really fast right over the top whatever blasts over the top of their aircraft it’s hurtling along at 400 knots we built this animation based on the pilot’s description of the object radio scanner steve douglas recorded the exchange looked like a long cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile this is one of those where you know you have recorded something important

adding to the mystery a cruise missile-like object should have been detected but it wasn’t radar is designed to scan for objects in the sky that may not necessarily have a transponder so whatever object flew over this aircraft was not giving off a transponder signal nor was it appearing on radar of course new mexico is famous for the 1947 roswell incident rich hoffman thinks flight 2292’s route over new mexico is key but not necessarily because of aliens you’ve got white sands proving ground you’ve got a number of other test sites

could it be some kind of stealth missile and if so shouldn’t we all be worried it was so close to a plane secret aircraft have flown over new mexico since the early tests of the u-2 spy plane in 1955 but could this undetectable flying cylinder really be a secret weapon system or a ufo and what kind of aviation security risk does it pose let’s ask our experts aviation expert tim mcmillan chased down his sources in the federal government pressing for answers i reached out to the fbi they told me that they were

aware of it and were looking into it but they declined to comment any further the director of public affairs at new mexico’s white sands missile range said no tests were conducted that day but can we take that at face value if it almost looked like a cruise missile it means that it didn’t have any wings it’s possible that there was some kind of military test gone awry but it’s hard to imagine even the worst misfire of a cruise missile sending it into a busy flight corridor at the same altitude as a passenger plane all in

broad daylight and mcmillan thinks it sounds more like another famous object spotted almost 17 years ago this cylindrical shape is also something that we’ve heard in other ufo reports the tic tac or oval shape was very famously encountered by the navy pilots in 2004 missile drone or tic tac we may never know the investigation appears to be ongoing so for now we’re going to call this case a genuine ufo we all keep our phones safely stowed away when driving right well that rule doesn’t apply if you’re

flying on autopilot and lucky for us one pilot had his hands free and his phone ready to capture a one-of-a-kind video prepare for takeoff february 2020 an airbus a320 is on a routine flight soaring over medellin colombia little does the captain know he’s about to find out he’s sharing the friendly skies the pilot does us the favor of showing his altimeter and we can see that he’s flying around 30 000 feet in altitude the pilot then points his camera phone out of the cockpit window and watch this as he zooms in

a metallic looking object a polyhedron of some sort whizzes by in a straight line we slow it down and zoom in further you can see it kind of looks like a cube it has these kind of little points that stick out it does seem to be darker in color and not like a bright shining balloon whatever this is it definitely shouldn’t be there now it’s hard to judge this object’s size without knowing how far away it is but scientist amy eskridge estimates it’s 10 to 15 feet in diameter one theory is that if we were

visited by another civilization they might send probes ahead of when they actually come and consider this a similar object was spotted by an fa-18 fighter pilot in 2018 at an altitude of 35 000 feet it still hasn’t been identified and its structure unlike any known airframe lends credence to the alien probe theory they might want to collect data maybe do a little surveillance a little monitoring before they actually show up in the u.

s we associate medellin colombia with drug cartels but in south america the city is known for ufo signings in fact after ufos were spotted over a soccer stadium at above a forest the city earned the title the new roswell so we’re turning to our experts to see if they can tell us what’s going on i’ve analyzed several videos in depth of ufos and uaps over the course of my career and the way that it’s traveling on screen in the area of the clouds does appear to be consistent with recordings that i have deemed authentic

so while primo can’t find anything technically wrong with the video something just doesn’t look right to him what caught my eye is when the camera’s panning up to the skyline the operator instinctively zooms in almost like he’s expecting this object as it’s coming towards the airplane this is peculiar to me so the feel of the video upon visual analysis feels staged but primo thinks it’s possible the pilot was just plain lucky to zoom in right as the object flies past the plane mj banayas agrees

pilots are the people who work in the sky and operate in it so they’re going to have the best view of any potential ufos around them we turn this video over to our aviation expert tim mcmillan he thinks whatever was shot over medellin is too slow to be any kind of plane or missile and it looks nothing like a drone initially when it starts coming i thought it’s probably a balloon regular helium balloons really make it to this altitude when they get this high the helium expands and the balloon pops but solar balloons are different used as

toys or for research they’re usually made from dark material to absorb the sun’s heat they rise as the air inside warms and expands they’ve gone as high as 46 000 feet but in general when they hit the cooler air up high they start to lose shape and altitude it’s just too cold for them to stay aloft it almost seems to have an odd cube-like shape that is exactly what the navy pilots have reported seeing off the east coast of the united states they’re currently part of the unidentified aerial phenomena that’s

being investigated by the department of defense i don’t have a good explanation so assuming it’s not a hoax it’s certainly not a drone or a known aircraft it’s possibly a balloon i mean when you look at that speed your mind goes there but it’s extremely rare for a solar balloon to reach this altitude by process of elimination we’ll go with genuine ufo so humans might not be the only pilots up in the sky antarctica is the coldest place on earth containing 90 of the planet’s ice it looks almost like an alien planet and

there are some who think it’s hiding proof of aliens themselves in october of 2020 a sharp-eyed investigator scans satellite images of antarctica and comes across a site that stops author brad olsen in his digital tracks it’s a metallic looking object half covered in ice and olson sure he knows what it is there’s a perfectly round saucer on antarctica look closer it sure seems to be a raised disc casting a shadow onto the ice olson thinks that as the ice melts an alien spacecraft has emerged from where it was

left thousands of years ago but what alien would park their ride in such a hostile place antarctica and mars are both extremely sterile environments if i were a martian and i wanted to choose a place on earth to live antarctica it’d be the closest thing to home i could find george haas chairman of the cydonia institute thinks antarctica was much more than a martian rest stop he believes earth and mars were twin cradles of an interplanetary civilization contrary to mainstream science he claims that this pyramid-like

structure and this human face are not natural martian formations i believe the structures that we’re finding on mars were either built by an indigenous martian culture or they possibly could have been done by us that’s a long long time ago which brings us back to the saucer olsen thinks it could be how the ancients commuted between the two planets could it be that this is a shuttle to go back and forth to mars with some of the presumed bases that exist on the red planet antarctica was once on the equator and

plants and dinosaurs thrive there it seems fantastical but the fossil record proves it’s true and now some believe we’re on the verge of a similar revelation about the continent’s connection to mars the only way to separate fact from theory is to turn to our experts science writer and forensic video analyst mick west takes a 3d look at olson’s downed ufo i tried orbiting around the image to see what it looks like from different angles the perception of it kind of changes and now instead of it looking like a

disc it kind of looks like a little lake of water and i think what we’re seeing here is an example of what’s called the crater illusion the human brain has evolved over millions of years into expecting that light comes from above so our brains automatically interpret this image as being a raised up disk and they interpret the other image from 180 degrees as being a depression west is certain about the crater illusion but nasa’s bob anderson is more open-minded about the strange formations on mars he thinks they were likely

created by erosion and other natural causes but he’s keeping an open mind until we can inspect them in person what we should do is go study and i’ll give you a perfect example on mars we looked at imagery for a long time and said well mars is a dead planet it had no water it had nothing and now we know that mars had an ocean that lasted early in the four billion year mark and so the ideas and the hypotheses are constantly changing our verdict we think west is probably right that the saucer is an optical

illusion but just as bob anderson thinks the formations on mars are worth investigating george haas says there should be an antarctic expedition to examine the saucer-like shape and on that we can agree since voyager 1 launched in 1977 humans have been probing space looking for signs of intelligent life there’s been no confirmation yet that an alien species is doing the same looking for us but what if they’ve been sending probes our way this whole time and we’ve just been misreading the messages it’s a clear evening in gainesville

florida and motorist chad zettchauer is driving along newbury road when his dash cam captures something that makes him pump the brakes it’s not on the road it’s in the sky a blue orb shoots overhead what the was that let’s slow that down whatever fell from the sky appears to flash or explode but no pieces or impact crater are discovered when the video goes viral it has many thinking ufo one scientific explanation is that what chad filmed was simply a meteor but there’s a whole new theory gaining

traction that some rocks from space are ufos i can’t really say it’s not of alien origin because i really never get a good enough look at it in october of 2017 observers spotted an object racing around the sun that didn’t have a tail like a comet and was on such a strange trajectory they realized it had to be from another solar system they named it omuamua or scout in hawaiian a harvard astronomer recently suggested that it could be some form of alien technology and physicist dr hakeem oluseyi wonders could there be others

like it a muammura brings up the idea of alien probes coming into our solar system if we look at rocky surfaces in our solar system they’re covered in craters and up till now we’ve assumed that those craters were due to solar system bodies but now perhaps maybe some of the craters you see when you look up at the moon were created from an object outside our solar system we don’t know o muammua was odd not only because of its interstellar origin but because of its unusually long slender shape and size

was what chad captured on dash cam something equally anomalous for that we turn to mars mission planner jonathan hill hill begins by considering whether the light could be caused by a spacecraft or satellite but he says this thing is moving far too quickly for that when satellites pass by in the night sky they usually take very arcing paths and they usually move very slowly that’s not consistent with a satellite by any means could it be the re-entry of space junk into our atmosphere hill says the best clue is the color of

the object each metal or compound produces a unique color when it burns when anything on earth explodes you almost always get a yellow flame but this object has a very distinct bright white blue color to it which tells us that whatever is burning uh is a very different compound than what we usually see in our everyday lives instead says hill that blue is a strong indicator that the object is likely made of magnesium and definitely not man-made so could it be an alien probe after all i think we have to keep our minds open

to the possibility that one day we may encounter artifacts from an extraterrestrial civilization that cannot be ruled out so where do we land with this one hill’s analysis points to a meteor made of magnesium but no one ever found an impact crater or any part of chad’s meteor so sure it could have been an alien probe that part of the story remains unresolved you


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