Colossal Triangular UFO Recorded Near the Sun (video)

The following pictures that you are about to see were all captured by NASA themselves and in these pictures, you can clearly see what appears to be a massive triangular-shaped UFO that travels around the Sun at incredible speed.

The pictures are all legit, they were taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory and even NASA themselves have attested that they haven’t been altered nor edited in the slightest.

Nassim Harameid, one of the top researchers of our generation has stated that this is absolute proof of the fact that aliens are actually using our Sun to travel around space through.

As strange as that may sound, he is not the only one to believe this, as most Ufologists are sure of the fact that there must be a reason as to why aliens are so often spotted around our Sun.

Over the years we’ve encountered dozens if not hundreds of UFOs in the vicinity of the Sun so this shouldn’t come off as all that shocking, to say the least, but this is quite the monumental finding, to say the least as for once it isn’t a Ufologist that captured the picture but NASA themselves. In the picture, you can also see the fact that the UFO appears to be very advanced, to say the least, as it literally moves around space with ease, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Many experts believe that the technology that aliens have allows them to create wormholes wherever they want to travel to.

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