Controversial s** tape of Jalen Green and Josh Christopher goes viral, and fans speak out

It was eventually removed from multiple platforms

Jalen Green appears to be making sexual gestures toward a former teammate

“Nastiest sh*t I’ve ever seen” – Jalen Green’s SEXUALITY in question after his video goes viral with Rockets’ teammate Josh Christopher

Jalen Green, the No.2 overall pick of the Houston Rockets in the 2021 NBA Draft, has been showcasing his potential to become a standout player in the league during his two seasons.

Green often garners attention for his impressive highlights and scoring prowess. However, a recent video featuring him and his former teammate Josh Christopher has gone viral for different reasons.

The video captured Green engaging in gestures that some interpreted as having a sexual nature towards Christopher.

This video quickly spread across social media platforms, prompting various reactions from fans. While some comments were exaggerated, most simply made light-hearted jokes about the young Rockets star.

As the video gained traction, it was eventually removed from multiple platforms. One fan even made a playful reference to Elon Musk and Twitter in connection to the removal.

Although it appeared that Green and Christopher were simply engaging in playful behavior, the nature of the video naturally sparked discussion and commentary from fans.

While the incident attracted widespread mockery and jokes from internet users, one fan brought attention to the homophobic rhetoric surrounding the situation and expressed support for the young players.

It is clear that the explicit content of the video does not present the best image for Green or the Rockets.

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