Emotional Farewell: Witnessing Our Father’s Final Moments | Prepare for Tears with This Heartfelt Video

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

With a lot of tears and sorrow she tells us her story.

She is called Westin.

She is a girl that has been through a lot of pain from the day she was born until today.

This is John, her brother.

They have both experienced what they refer to as the worst, and each day that goes by it keeps on getting worse.

This is their father.

He cannot even speak because of the pain that he is going through.

He was sick even before these children were born, but the situation was not as worse as it is today.

This means that he has been sick for more than 20 years.

Their mother took good care of them, as well as their father, before she died.

They are living in a very old house that they think that is going to fall on them anytime soon, and since they do not have anywhere else to go, they have to stay here and wait for what will happen to them, because they really have no other choice.

In the beginning they were a happy family.

They had a mother and she was the most caring and loving person they knew, but by this time they hadn’t yet given birth to them.

A few months later their father got sick.

He was suffering from abdominal pain, but he couldn’t also explain what it was.

She got pregnant and gave birth to John.

They were very happy to see him and they took care of him, just like any other baby.

Their father was working.

He used to go to work in the morning and come back later in the evening.

He was sick, but it wasn’t this serious.

He went to the hospital and he was given a few pills to keep up, and this is how he lived.

Two years later they gave birth to another baby.

It was vestine.

They were happy for her to also join their family.

Well, they took good care of her, but her father’s situation was getting worse.

Well, they did not think that it was something serious in the first place.

The next morning he went to the hospital for checkup.

The doctors told him that he had a heart problem and it was the cause of all this.

He told this to his wife.

She also helped him to start taking medication.

Later the situation became worse.

They kept on going to the hospital and the doctors kept giving him medicine one day after another, and their father could still walk, but it was not that easy at all.

One day in the morning everything totally changed.

He could not walk anymore because of the pain that was becoming too much in his body.

They carried him to the hospital and after they had done a checkup on his body organs.

This is when they got the bad news.

The doctor said that his heart was sick, but now his liver was also infected.

He was supposed to get immediate treatment, but it was too expensive.

He could not afford to pay for it, so he was sent back home.

This means that he was not getting any medication or any kind of treatment at all.

The children had to go to school, their father needed daily medicine and they also had to get food.

Their father was dying, which means that it was their mother that was supposed to take responsibility and do all this- take care of it by herself.

She doubled her shifts at work.

She worked twice the normal working hours of a person.

So that she could afford all this, she overworked herself without resting before they knew it.

She was also sick and admitted in the same hospital that her husband was.

Now both parents were in the hospital and these two children, who were seven and nine years old, were the ones to take care of them.

It was hard, terrible and so sad how these children dropped out of school and started looking for money to take care of their parents.

Of course they were young.

No one would ever give them a job at this age.

They started selling everything they had in the house so that they could afford to buy food for their parents.

This worked for some good time until he did not.

Their mother suddenly died.

This was the most shocking thing that ever happened to them, but they had to act strong and move on, because they also had to fight for their father’s life before they lost him too.

They took care of him until they could not pay the hospital bills or even buy for him food anymore.

He was sent home and since he was not getting medication, his condition kept on becoming worse.

One day after another, they watched his belly becoming big and big and bigger every day.

They were sent out of the house they were renting, and this is how they ended up here.

An old and poor house is where they live now, since life became the worst thing that they ever know, because now it keeps them in tears.

John always has to go and find work so that he can get food.

She stays in order to take care of their dying father.

A lot of people laugh at him and call him pregnant.

This is one of the reasons why they hardly bring him outside and is always inside.

Most of the time, John fetches water for people in this society and does some other things that require manpower.

This is how he manages to get some money to buy food for his family, though this does not happen each and every day, and sometimes he does not get money and his sister also has to do something about it.

She goes around in the neighborhood begging for food from neighbors, but these days people go tired of seeing her begging.

She hardly gets anything to eat, and this is how they survive.

With fear that they might lose their father any day from now.

They are now asking for help so that they can take their father to the hospital before they lose him.

Since he is the only family that they have right now, they are calling out anyone who can do anything to please help.

These funds that will be used to give their father treatment, as well as take them back to school, will be donated via Gofundme, a link that is in the description of this video and painting the topmost comment by Afrimax English.

It is the hard times that we go through that really define who we are and what we are capable of.

Thank you for watching.

My name is prince.

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