Evidence of Alien Life on the Moon? Experts Analyze Strange Objects in Lunar Orbit

Stories of people or creatures living on the moon are found in just about every culture. Recently, a video has surfaced that suggests that these legends might be true, and that humans may not have been the first, or even the most recent visitors to our nearest neighbor. In May 2019, a photographer set up to capture a full moon over Moscow, Russia. While struggling to focus, he witnesses three black circles crossing in front of the moon, and almost immediately after, more objects appear on camera. Upon stabilizing the frame and zooming in, it is clear that a cluster of objects is flying in a loose formation. Could these objects be asteroids, or a fleet of alien craft? Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy calculates the size of the objects based on the moon’s diameter at an estimated orbit of 60 miles above the surface. If these objects were orbiting the moon, they would have to be two to three miles wide. If they are UFOs, they would be almost 40 times the size of the largest craft in Earth’s orbit, the International Space Station.

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The question remains: who or what is capable of building so many superstructures and putting them into lunar orbit? Experts have been consulted to shed light on the mystery. Astronomer and video effects designer Mark D’Antonio analyzes the video and confirms that it is not photographic trickery, but a genuine image captured by the photographer’s camera. While there are a lot of spacecrafts orbiting the moon, they are not in the same orbits or areas. Additionally, hundreds of astronomers observe the moon every night, so anything odd popping up in its orbit would have set off alarms around the world.

Why a UFO was seen in the night sky this week | The Courier Mail

NASA’s Bob Anderson thinks the objects might be satellites, just not in the moon’s orbit but in ours. However, in studying the video more closely, Anderson and D’Antonio both see something that doesn’t match up with satellites. These objects are coming close to each other and then getting far away, which negates the possibility that they are satellites. Another possibility is that they are migratory birds of some kind. Satellites do not speed up and slow down, and the video was shot and made during migration.

Regardless of what these objects might be, it is clear that the space around the moon is getting crowded. NASA’s Artemis program aims to return humans to the moon by 2024, and Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk plan to build lunar bases. In February 2021, residents of Queensland, Australia witnessed twin bright streaks tracing the same flight path, creating an extraordinary video of what could be meteors. However, hundreds of reports claim that these streaking objects are somehow connected to a secret base almost 1,000 miles away, Pine Gap, Australia.

Pine Gap is a top-secret American base in the Australian Outback that tracks and spies on satellites. Many believe it conceals an underground city where scientists develop a wide variety of clandestine projects involving UFOs. There are numerous stories of flying discs appearing in the sky over the base, and it is rumored to contain a plasma gun capable of shooting down anything in low orbit. Construction at Pine Gap started in 1966, during the height of the Cold War, and it is often referred to as Australia’s Area 51. However, experts do not believe that the flaming objects witnessed in Queensland originated from Pine Gap, as the objects themselves are not consistent with a plasma ray or exploding missile. It is likely that they are a re-entering piece of space debris. Not everything in the sky.


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