From Delivery Routes to Forever Home: A UPS Driver’s Journey with His Pit Bull Companion

Leo the bulldog went insane every time he saw UPS carrier Katie Newhouser pull her large brown truck into his condo complex.

“Whenever I’d turn up at the complex, he’d apparently go crazy, and he’d want to come down and see me,”Newhouser recalled. “He just took an interest in me for some reason.” He’d always come up to me and lick my face.

Leo would get into her truck as well. “He would sit there and sniff around,” said Newhouser. “When I had to go, he refused to leave.â€

Katie finally met Leo and his owner Tina when they went for a walk one day.

“I saw Tina walking Leo and stopped to pet him,” explained Newhouser. “That’s how I got started talking to Tina.” That’s how I’ve started talking to the majority of my consumers. I’m going to stop if they have a dog.

This routine lasted more than a year: Newhouser would arrive, and Leo would rush out to kiss her.

But everything changed for Leo last October.

“I was on vacation, and when I came back to work, I went to the complex,”Newhouser stated. “As I was pulling in, I saw [Tina’s] son Cannon pulling out with furniture in the back, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s strange.’” “I just waved at him, and he waved back.”

Katie attempted to contact Tina’s cell phone number, but each call went to voicemail. Katie finally examined Tina’s Facebook profile and realised the awful truth… Tina was no longer alive.

Katie called Tina’s son, Cannon, and offered to look for Leo while he was away in the Marine Corps.

“I said [to Cannon], ‘I’ll take Leo until you can come back and get him from your training,’”Newhouser recounted. “‘That’s OK,’ he said. The following Saturday, I picked him up.

“He ran up to me, and started barking at me, just like he does when I’m in my UPS truck,”Newhouser added. “He then jumped right into my truck.” I believe he just believed he was going for a ride because he enjoys driving. But you could tell he was perplexed.

Leo had a difficult time in the weeks following Tina’s death. Katie would frequently wake up in the middle of the night to hear Leo whining and sobbing because he missed his owner.

Fortunately, Leo has two new siblings to spend time with, as well as tonnes of love from Katie. After a few weeks in his new home, Leo began to feel at ease.

When no one else would, Katie stepped up for Leo. She took in the puppy, cared for him, and assured him that he was permanently at home.

Our thoughts are with Leo, but we’re delighted he discovered Katie.


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