From Scandals to Success: Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour to Showcase Journey to Redemption

According to newly revealed information, Justin Bieber’s upcoming Purpose tour may open with the story of how the male singer overcame scandals to regain his form.

Justin Bieber - Ảnh: Getty
Justin Bieber – Ảnh: Master Herald.

TMZ reported on January 19 that the opening part of the tour is still under discussion. Purpose will probably have a grand opening with a screen showing Justin Bieber falling from the sky, through dark clouds and storms, symbolizing the mistakes and scandals that the male singer born in 1994 made. .

The projection screen will show “an abstract image of Justin falling in a dark, gloomy atmosphere. He will scream and overcome barriers as he falls into the unknown”. Throughout the fall, the audience You will also hear Justin’s narrative voice recounting his failures.

However, after that, the male singer will have a comeback, “changing his falling trajectory and slowly flying to heaven,” according to TMZ .

Justin Bieber – Ảnh: Getty

Purpose is a tour to promote the male singer’s fourth studio album of the same name. According to Hollywood Life , the tour scheduled to begin this March is a narrative about the troubles that Justin goes through like in the album.

The album Purpose was officially released in November 2015, quickly topped the US Billboard 200 chart, and sold 522,000 copies in the first week of release. Some songs in the album Outstanding songs in the album include What do you mean, I’ll show you, Sorry, Love yourself…



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