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Cane Chihuahua rapito da un falco sopravvive incredibilmente alla caduta

Tony Hawk. What better name for this Chihuahua who literally fell from the sky? He appeared unexpectedly at a construction site near Austin, Texas, last week. And he survived an incredible adventure, earning the name of the famous American skateboarder nicknamed Bird Man.

Not much is known about the little Chihuahua, especially how he ended up in this situation. The construction workers only heard his cries and took a while to figure out where he was. They thought there was a dog trapped somewhere in the debris of the construction site. But they were looking in the wrong direction.

They scoured the entire construction site trying to figure out where the whimpers were coming from. But then they realized that the sound was actually coming from the sky.” High above their heads, the puppy was flying in the talons of a hawk.

Incredulous at what was happening, the bird suddenly dropped the screaming puppy right in the midst of them. The Chihuahua had some superficial wounds on its head and was evidently terrified but unharmed.

He was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic, where he received care from the Austin Animal Center. Tony Hawk is about six weeks old, but “we don’t know where he comes from, whether he was born as a stray or if he was taken by the hawk from someone’s backyard.” The Chihuahua doesn’t have a microchip, and given his size, the hungry hawk must have mistaken him for a tasty prey.

But fate had other plans. In a month or two, once he has recovered from his tumultuous adventure, Tony Hawk can be put up for adoption. “We have already received tons of requests. We are confident that he will have no trouble finding a home on solid ground.



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