From Struggle to Strength: Rescued Pitbull’s Journey of Overcoming Abandonment, Rebuilding Trust, and Finding Hope

Penny the Pit Bull’s rescuers had no idea they were saving two lives when they rescued her.

Penny was thrown from a moving vehicle and rescued by staff at nearby Berclair Animal Hospital. Penny was malnourished, bruised, and experiencing congestive heart failure as a result of the heartworms. Penny has serious cuts and sores all over her face, and her rescuers suspect that she was used in dog fighting.

The veterinarians contacted Donna Velez, founder of Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue in Memphis, Tennessee, to see if her organization could help. Even though her rescue was complete and she was recovering from her own health problems, Donna asked them to show her some images. As soon as she saw Penny’s photos, she ordered the veterinarians to relieve the dog’s discomfort and treat her. Donna told DogHeirs that she was determined to find a way to help Penny even if she couldn’t take care of Penny herself.

Donna then headed to the clinic to see Penny in person. Donna knew she would accept the thin, injured pup after just one look. “I can’t not take her,” she reasoned. “They looked pitiful,” Donna told DogHeirs, admitting, “I’m lost once I see them.”

Donna began networking for Penny and, as fate would have it, a family in St. Louis saw Penny’s photo and immediately wanted to adopt her. The family already owns two Pit Bulls and is well versed in dog care.

“She’s only been with us for 10 days and has a long way to go, but despite all her antics she’s a lovely dog, she’s just not used to this lifestyle because she was abused for so long,” Jennifer posted. on her Facebook page. “She has come a long way since we received her.”

Penny’s health has improved dramatically in just a few weeks. Her therapy for severe heartworm is working well and she is learning a lot in her new home.

“Penny is definitely enjoying life right now!” His appetite is huge, which is wonderful because she didn’t want to eat the first day he came home, so maybe he’ll start to gain weight. She is still terrified of our two children, but I am working on carefully socializing them. She likes to go for walks and she wants to run back home when we get there, but I have to stop her because of her health. Overall, this is a tremendous transition for everyone, but I liken it to having a new baby: a lot of adjustments that are gradually implemented.”

However, Penny’s biggest surprise in her recovery occurred this week when she suddenly gave birth to a puppy. Nickel is the name given to the girl. Despite the trauma and drugs Penny has endured, Nickel is in wonderful health!

Penny is nursing Nickel and when the pup is ready, he will be placed in a foster home through Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue. Donna informed DogHeirs that baby Nickel may already have an adoptive family.

Penny’s new family sums up Penny’s new position and rescue very well: “Imagine what this puppy’s life would have been like if the owners hadn’t abandoned Penny. “Two lives have been saved!”

Jennifer, Penny and Nickel’s mother, broke the bad news. Penny died as a result of congestive heart failure. “I had to let her go last night because her heartworms were so severe that she had advanced congestive heart failure and her heart was more than three times the size of a normal heart,” Jennifer explained. She passed away silently in my arms. Of course, the nickel will still be with us.”

“I miss Penny so much… she peed on my carpet, ate my favorite Hello Kitty slippers, chewed the door frames and destroyed her kennel,” Jennifer said on Penny’s Facebook page. However, I never penalized her. I kept my promise the day I discovered her story on my Facebook page. I said, “I want that dog so he can feel the love I give to our children and have the privileged life he deserves,” and I moved on. He intended to please her for years, not just months. I can’t stop crying… She was a wonderful dog. Very calm and willing to snuggle, and a wonderful mother to Nickel. I adored her and I’m glad I have Nickel to carry me through…Penny, rest in peace.”

Nickel is now ten weeks old and receives a lot of attention at home.

Jennifer emailed DogHeirs a photo of Nickel as an adult! “She is quite a character!” Jen exclaims. Isn’t she sweet?


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