Heartbreaking Ordeal: Abandoned Dog Collapses from Hunger and Pain, Left with Nowhere to Turn

In the early hours of January 15, the NGO Paraíso dos Focinhos received a worrying call about a strong puppy. The team was baffled when they saw the dog’s poor condition. Apparently, a lady discovered him on her way to work and the furry dog ​​seemed to have been stranded for quite some time. He was in a sorry state: unable to stand, eat or even understand. However, seeing the rescuers of him, the cub gathered the last strength to express gratitude to him by wagging his tail.

The compassionate woman was unable to take the fragile dog to work, but she did take some photos and record a short video before contacting the NGO Paraíso dos Focinhos for help. As she prepared to leave, she covered the puppy with the blanket, and he wagged his tail at her as if begging her not to adopt him. The Ессᴜe team arrived as quickly as possible and found the distressed animal in great condition and very dehydrated.

A good test was done to check if he is affected by syncope. He requires a blood transfusion as he cannot consume enough food.

The brave young man managed to gain four pounds in a short time; however, his ability to stand and walk correctly remained unchanged. On the other hand, a puppy named Dega began to show signs of great appetite on the seventh day.

Dega’s leg showed significant improvement after 21 days, but remained thin and made it difficult to function properly.


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