Heartfelt Charm: Stirring Warm Feelings with a Baby’s Heart-Shaped Birthmark

As soon as Çinar Engin came into the world 14 months ago, he immediately gained a nickname. “Unbelievable,” a nurse cried out, cleaning his head and face. “He is a love baby!”

The nickname stems from the boy’s special birthmark that, like Harry Potter’s lightning bolt, is nestled just above his right eyebrow. Little Çinar’s forehead, however, is marked with a small red heart, that has everyone – us included – falling in love.

“It was difficult for me to keep my tears,” Murat Engin, Çinar’s father, told the Daily Mail, on seeing his son for the first time. “We love him and his birthmark.”

So does everyone the little boy meets. Since the time of his birth in Turkey, all of Çinar’s admirers (meaning, everyone) want to take photos with the love baby, his father explained. The child’s birthmark has an ability to connect with people and to bring them together, he continued. “We believe that he was born with this chance,” Engin said. “It was really like a gift from God. None of us had negative feelings.”

Çinar’s rise into the public eye is timely too, considering we’re approaching Valentine’s Day, the season of love. His heart birthmark is melting real hearts everywhere – and is making us wonder if everyone’s favorite love cherub isn’t real after all. Staring at Çinar’s photo, it’s impossible not to feel the love. Maybe it’s a birthmark. Maybe it’s the mark of Cupid. I guess we’ll never really know.


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