Heartwarming Adoption Tale: A Couple Visits Shelter to Adopt a Kitten, Discovers Unbreakable Bond with Feline Best Friend

Louie and Luna were utterly alone when they arrived at STAR Rescue in Gainesville, FL. But after they met, they became immediate friends and agreed not to separate ways. They do virtually everything together and like cuddling and kissing the most.

“Louie is an orange tabby and Luna is a brown and orange Maine Coon. They were quite close when we adopted them. They cherished each other more than we did.”

James and his girlfriend went to the shelter to get a dog but ended up taking home two kittens instead.

“We looked for a dog, but we live in an apartment and both work full-time, so we are frequently away from home, and pets demand a lot more attention.”

“So we thought that acquiring a cat would be the greatest option because I’ve always had cats and know what it takes to keep them all housed.”

They returned to the shelter two weeks later when James’ fiancée fell in love with the two cats, especially Luna.

They went to the shelter to adopt a cat, but she refused to leave her pal.
They only intended to adopt a cat and chose Luna, but they couldn’t leave Louie behind, who had grown inextricably linked to Luna. So they brought the two pals home for hugs and agreed that Louie would stay with Luna until he found a home, so he wouldn’t be sad in the shelter.

But it didn’t last long, and Louie was adopted permanently.

“After seeing how ‘at home’ they were together, we couldn’t let Louie leave. They like looking after one other and sleeping together. They collaborate on everything.”

James says his cats are overjoyed to have found a lifelong home together.

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