Heartwarming Surprise: Shelter Honours Beloved Senior Dog with Unforgettable Birthday Celebration


Let us introduce you to Loco, an energetic older puppy who recently reached an important milestone in her life. Birthdays at the animal shelter sometimes go by with a lot of fun, but for Loco, the dedicated staff at Spartanburg Humane Society would like to create an unforgettable experience that he would treasure.

“Wearing a birthday hat and frilly necklace, Loco was surrounded by the entire staff, who serenaded her with a heartfelt song,” Angel Cox, Spartanburg Humane Society’s director of operations, shared with The Dodo. “She delighted herself with a sweet potato pie and loved it! The company responsible for the cake even gave him a happy birthday banner for her office door.”

The guest list was made up of Loco’s favorite people, although dogs were not allowed to attend the celebration.


“Loco is pretty selective about who she forms bonds with,” Cox explained. “When he loves you, he really loves you. On the contrary, she greatly dislikes those she doesn’t like and she doesn’t get along at all with other dogs.”

Despite the absence of canine companions, everyone delighted in honoring the vivacious little gem who has won their hearts over the past two years.

Loco, who was surrendered to the shelter in 2020 due to ongoing medical issues, has become an iconic figure at the shelter. He enjoys his own comfortable space, away from both dogs and people he would rather avoid.

“We relocated her to a welcoming office environment,” Cox revealed. “She has three to four dog beds and snoozes happily in each one.”

However, Loco has proven to be a true fighter. She is now heartworm negative, receives regular vaccinations and takes thyroid medication to maintain her well-being.

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