Heartwarming Tale of a Teenage Hero: Saving a Dog and Creating a Lifelong Friendship

They say life is a journey along mysterious paths, and they are usually right! For Mason Forsythe, of Holly Township, Michigan, his entire life changed when he met Hedgie, a shelter doggo who was abandoned by his former family.

The original idea was to get another dog, but when this 15-year-old entered the shelter with his mother, the idea took another form!

All it took was a couple of brief moments with five-month-old Hedgie for Mason to know he wanted this dog from the beginning!

And so it happened: Hedgie and Mason were about to embark on an adventure trip together, not knowing that the entire trip would be nothing more than a true test of loyalty between the two of them!

The shelter staff didn’t know his entire history, but assuming from Hedgie’s behavior,  

He was very shy and insecure around people, but Mason didn’t care. He and his mother, Mindy, were willing to give Hedgie a forever home!

“He had probably been tied up his entire childhood. He was afraid of everything. He was very afraid of people in general. The first night we brought him home, he was very sad and he was hiding under the table,”  Mindy said.

One night, Hedgie was very upset and stressed and barked constantly. Mason decided to take him to his room for the night and the rest, as they say, is history!

From that particular night onwards, Hedgie was a different dog! who gave him comfort when he needed it most.

That was the moment Mason knew: he and Hedgie would never be apart again, even if it meant sharing a bed together!

The two created a beautiful bond together. Although both Mason and his mother, Mindy, cared for Hedgie, since he was now best friends with him!

such as ringing the bell when he wants to go out, bowing, or whispering! He is a very intelligent boy, with his whole life ahead of him.

Unfortunately, one day, Mason noticed that Hedgie was having trouble moving and he and his mom immediately took him to the vet.

After a thorough checkup. This is a serious condition that usually ends in euthanasia, which at the time was recommended by Hedgie’s veterinarian.

With her megaesophagus disorder, she couldn’t pass food and fluids into her stomach, and on top of all that, MG aggravated Hedgie’s poor functioning nerves and muscles.

It was a nightmare for Mason and Mindy, but they decided to continue fighting Hedgie since they couldn’t leave him. And despite all her doubts, Mindy was amazed by the care Mason gave to her dog!

“Mason has put all the care possible into this dog,”  Mindy says.

With many things on her schedule, including school, choir, sports, and her social life, she never felt that Mason was neglecting Hedgie. Even more:

Aside from Hedgie’s medications and a Bailey chair (a narrow box that makes dogs with megaesophagus sit upright while eating), Mason made sure his doggo never felt alone.

Despite all odds, Hedgie and Mason are still going strong and together.

Thanks to your wonderful care, it’s like your illness doesn’t even exist! Hedgie is practically living her best life, surrounded by Mason and his new doggy and feline friends! She even got a new niece not long ago, and he just loves her!

Once an abandoned dog with nothing but trauma in his life, Hedgie is now an adorable furball collecting a lifetime of memories.


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