Mysterious Enigma Unveiled: Young Boy Afflicted by Enduring Red Spots, Navigating an Ambiguous Path Forward

THIS PROUD MUM is showing off her miracle baby boy who suffered a stroke when he was born and defied the neurologist who warned her that he may never wake up but has been left with bright red spots across his entire body which may NEVER vanish.

Legal assistant, Meagan Wight (32), from Alberta, Canada, was only 32-weeks pregnant in February this year when she went into preterm labour, as her due date was in April, and after an ultrasound scan was taken doctors found a bright spot on her baby, Dominic’s, liver and told her that his heart was enlarged.

Her husband, Jarrod, frantically met her in hospital, and she was wheeled in the delivery room and had to have an emergency c-section. At the first glance, she saw Dominic looked blue and his skin was covered in spots.

The next day, doctors had told them that their son’s liver had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a tangle of abnormal and poorly formed arteries and veins; they have a higher rate of bleeding than normal vessels.

Doctors told them that the AVM in his liver was causing his heart to work overtime, and this resulted in high output cardiac failure. They were later told that he had an AVM in his right temporal lobe. It had haemorrhaged, and he suffered a stroke which prompted the neurologist to inform the distraught couple could that their baby son might not survive. He was conscious but was placed on significant support measures.

Despite Dominic’s critical condition, Meagan and Jerrod did their best to make the most of his life at the time; taking pictures, christened him, tucked him in bed. When they agreed with the medic’s advice for Dominic’s life support to be switched off, they expected him to fade away, but to their delight he kept fighting and is now a smiley four-month-old baby. The family do not believe the spots Dominic has on his body are linked to his other health problems.

“My son was delivered by emergency c-section, the first glimpse I had of him was he was blue, and his skin was covered with spots, he wasn’t crying,” she said.

“I thought the worst, but then he let out the weakest cry. I saw him only out of the corner of my eye as they rushed him to the neonatal intensive care unit, I told my husband to stay with him and that I would be fine.

“I dragged myself from my bed to a wheelchair; the spinal tap hadn’t even worn off, and I demanded a nurse take me to him.

“When I got there, I could hardly see him under all the wires and tapes. They had no clue what was going on, so every possible machine was hooked up.

“The next morning, I checked out of hospital against the doctors’ orders. I still had hope that it was just preemie issues, but my world was about to fall apart.

“We were told immediately that his liver had an AVM, which was causing high output cardiac failure. He was severely jaundiced and there was fluid around his lungs.


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