People were surprised when they discovered a mysterious glowing object flying into the sky.


Recently, foreign scientists announced the detection of a crack in the Earth’s magnetic field. This occurred just after the European Organization for Nuclear Research turned up the Large Hadron Collider with a new maximum beam of energy. Although some joked about the possibility of a portal opening up, scientists stated that no interdimensional beings had come through yet. During the 14 hours that the crack remained open, powerful solar winds were able to come through, due to the importance of the Earth’s magnetic field, which is responsible for keeping our planet habitable by deflecting harmful solar winds.

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Scientists emphasize the importance of researching solar winds, as they can damage or destroy Earth-orbiting satellites, as well as cause power surges that can blackout entire cities. Recently, a strange phenomenon known as the South Atlantic anomaly has caused concern, as it seems to be weakening the magnetic field over a region spanning from South America to Southwest Africa. NASA researchers are particularly concerned as this anomaly could impact the many spacecraft and satellites orbiting Earth, which could short-circuit and malfunction when struck by high energy, charged protons from the Sun.

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Scientists have detected 17 eruptions on the Sun, with two of those flares hitting Earth at nearly 2 million miles per hour, which can create blackouts and block communication systems in just a few seconds. Although solar storms can produce beautiful natural phenomena like the Northern Lights, larger solar storms can cause significant damage and financial losses, as seen during the solar storm of 1989 in Quebec.

Despite the mysteries of space and the discoveries of artifacts and relics, some findings leave even top researchers questioning their veracity. The Apollo 17 mission, the last human expedition to the Moon, uncovered some strange artifacts that still perplex scientists today.


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