“Please say a word of prayer for me”- Actress Bidemi Kosoko ask for prayers as she celebrate her birthday today

Bidemi Kosoko, popular Nollywood actress and daughter of veteran actor, Jide Kosoko is celebrating her 35th birthday.

The actress in a show of appreciation for life took to her Instagram page to pen down a lengthy message to God, her husband and her kids.

Kosoko was born on the 21th of October 1988, in Nigeria.

She hails from a talented family who are very popular in the movie industry.

In the post she wrote

Apart from her father who is a popular actor, her stepmother, Henrietta Kosoko was also a movie actress and the president of the Association of Theatre Arts

Lord I am grateful 🙏 Lord I appreciate you 🙏 May your name be praise forever 🙏……. Ese alanu mi 🙏 ese oba adoro maye 🙏 ese igi keying of a mi 🙏 I bless your name lord 🙏 opomulero aye mi Mo dupe 🙏 The I am that I am , I be love you lord .
It’s been you all the way father 🙏 your love and grace has been sufficient for me and my household ……. You have been out shield and refuge 🙏 our divine protector 🙏 when man says it is over you keep reassuring us that you have not even started 🙏 ah obami olowo gbogboro yin yo Mo ninu ofin aye … eru jeje Leti okun pupa 🙏🙏🙏 I will never be ungrateful to you lord 🙏🙏🙏
Thank you for preserving my life , my husbands life and my kids life 🙏 oba ti o je Ki asiri wa ti ah Mo Mo lo re oo Olorun 😭 even when we ourselves think ah o ti tan “My redeemer “ in a miraculous way you will just do and tell us it is settled 🙏 alanumi iyin ogo ni fun oruko yin 🙏🙏🙏

It’s my birthday and am super happy 💃💃💃 happy birthday to me Abidemi Kosoko Bankole 🥰 omo kan ni 1billion 😁

Oya drop your prayers for me friends, 😁😁😁😁😁

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