Pushed to the Brink: The Incredible Saga of Rescuing a Cat from a Harrowing Jar Misadventure

For days, residents and volunteers had been trying to help a stray cat whose head was trapped in a jar. Informed of the situation, a veteran of complex animal rescues took action on Christmas Day. All hopes now rested on him.

Illustration: “This cat with her head stuck in a jar pushed the animal rescue specialist called to the rescue to his limits”

Driven by hunger and guided by their sense of smell, stray animals search almost everywhere they think they can find food and thus try to ensure their survival. Which sometimes puts them in bad positions.

This is what recently happened to a cat near Irvington , New Jersey (United States). She had her head stuck in a plastic jar and was evading all rescue attempts by residents for days, according to The Dodo .

She would run away at full speed every time we tried to approach her and she would rush back to one of her hiding places.

John Debacker happened to be in New Jersey on Christmas Day. He was cited by a growing number of Internet users who followed the cat’s story on Facebook . The man is, in fact, famous in the region for his numerous animal rescues.

We notably remember that he had rescued a calico cat called Flamingo who was stuck in the middle of a highway. Or that he had found the cat Ettore who had gotten lost at JFK airport in New York .

Arriving in Irvington , John Debacker relied on the latest reports from witnesses to locate the cat. He could finally see her, even though she was hidden in a small garden. He climbed over the fence, then walked very slowly towards her.

He managed to grab the feline. Another volunteer who accompanied her brought a shipping crate where they quickly placed her. The cat was finally safe, but she still had to free her head.

John Debacker proceeded very carefully, gently removing the jar while rotating it so as not to hurt the kitty. He succeeded. It was a great relief for the cat, who put up no resistance.

Her rescuers named her Merry . They handed her over to a local shelter, Brick City Kitties Rescue . Described as friendly, Merry will very soon be available for adoption.


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