Rescuing Four Stray Kittens and Their Mother: A Heroic Journey Spanning Months

A compassionate guy saw a wild mother cat and her four kittens in an abandoned barn. He and his family decided to begin feeding the cats and attempting to socialize them. It took more than two months for the kittens to trust the humans and allow them to touch them for the first time.

“Four wild kittens were rescued from an abandoned barn. It took a long time to socialize them, but it was well worth the wait, according to reddit user calio88.

They pushed the food dish closer to their house each time they fed the cats until they reached the back porch. The kittens had successfully moved in when they managed to lock the door one day!

They caught the mom cat, spayed her, and returned her to the barn, where she is still fed every day.

Mama is usually around the house and property,” says the narrator. Every morning and evening, she is at the front door seeking food. He stated, “The kittens have seen her numerous times.”

All four kittens grew up to be wonderful indoor cats! Miss Dolly, Lloyd, Little Missy, and “PK” Pip Kitty are their names.

Pip Kitty has developed into a little lion cat.

“Mama is genuinely wild, and socializing her would be quite tough. When I feed Mama, I am now able to touch her, so there is hope. It takes a lot of patience and effort, but she’s doing well and is properly fed,” he noted.

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